About Organizenvy

Jen Breitegan, founder of Organizenvy

I’m Jen Breitegan, founder of Organizenvy. I’m your average busy professional woman, wife, mom, chauffeur, daughter, sister, friend.

My Organizing Journey

I’ve been passionate about organizing, decluttering and creating an orderly, peaceful environment my whole life. As a kid, I used to enjoy organizing my friends’ bedrooms when I was at a sleepover! My mother always joked that it was “in my genes,” because both of my grandmothers were this way as well.

As a busy working mom, I’m always trying new ways to organize my home and my life. My goal is to make my life as peaceful as possible by creating systems that work for my household.

Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life

I started Organizenvy with the intention of helping myself and others strike a perfect balance of peace and efficiency. You’ll learn home organization ideas and tips on how to organize your life (including travel and running your household). I’m excited to share with you the organizing projects I’ve completed and ideas from other organizing experts. I hope they inspire you to organize your home and life, too!

Let’s get organized!



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