Jen Breitegan

I’m Jen, your average busy professional woman, wife, mom, chauffeur, daughter, sister, friend.

I’ve been passionate about creating an orderly, peaceful environment since I was a kid. My mother always joked that it was “in my genes,” because both of my grandmothers were this way as well.

I always admired (ok, envied) those who live a truly organized life, with everything in its place at all times. As a busy adult with a family of my own, I find myself feeling very off-kilter when I survey my home and see chaos and clutter. (Yes, it happens to all of us.)

I started Organizenvy with the intention of helping myself and others strike that perfect balance of peace and efficiency in our homes.

My goal is to continually find better ways to live a simple, organized life…for me and for you.

Let’s get organized!