Jen Breitegan, Founder

I’m Jen, your average busy professional woman, wife, mom, chauffeur, daughter, sister, friend.

I’ve been passionate about creating an orderly, peaceful environment since I was a kid. My mother always joked that it was “in my genes,” because both of my grandmothers were this way as well.

As a busy adult with a family of my own, I find myself feeling very off-kilter when I survey my home and see chaos and clutter.

I’ve always admired (ok, envied) those who live a truly organized life, with everything in its place at all times. I want that, too!

I created Organizenvy to document my own journey from envy to Zen, one project at a time. As I go, I’ll offer you my insights, my research, what I learned, and what I might do differently next time…so that it might help you find balance in your life as well.

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