Free Organizing Project Checklist and Budget Worksheet

Free Organizing Project Checklist
Free Organizing Project Checklist and Budget Worksheet

The first step in the journey to a more organized, balanced life is proper preparation. The best way to start on the right foot? My free organizing project checklist!

A common mistake many people make when starting an organizing project is not planning ahead. This sets them up for frustration and, ultimately, failure to achieve their original goal.


Without planning, it’s all too easy to get in the middle of a project, with everything pulled out of closets and off shelves and strewn all over the floor…and realize we have no idea what to do next.

Maybe we forgot to measure our space, and we realize we don’t have enough containers. Or, worse, our organizers don’t fit correctly and have to be returned. We’re forced to buy more, or buy the right size, and by this time we may decide it’s not worth it and just give up.

Maybe we didn’t figure out our budget ahead of time and realized we didn’t set aside enough for the containers we wanted. Or we missed out on the huge sale on containers because we didn’t research and plan ahead. Being organized saves money in many ways — and proper preparation is a big one!


My free organizing project checklist and budget worksheet help ensure you have a smooth project (start to finish) and feel motivated to organize the next space on your list. They can be used for any project in any space in the house.

Let’s get you started on your journey! I promise, once you get organized, you’ll see it was worth the trip!

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  1. Its funny that I came across this post today because I am just about to start a closet refresh! I am working on putting together a new organization system for my office too.

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