14 Pretty Ways to Organize Kitchen Countertops

Photo Credit: Organizenvy and Canva.com

Who says you can’t incorporate some functional style into kitchen organization? I’m all about finding pretty ways to organize kitchen countertops because our kitchens should be a space we LOVE to live in.

I get so inspired by beautiful photos of gorgeous kitchens, don’t you? It’s exciting to find new creative ways to organize the space my family cooks, eats and laughs in.

Check out some of my favorite countertop organization ideas below, and be inspired too!

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1. Organize Plants on Tiered Trays

Succulents and decorative items on a tiered tray as a way to organize kitchen countertops.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Plants are (in my opinion) a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in and add color to the kitchen. I have a personal passion for succulents.

However, too many potted plants can make a counter look cluttered. I found a tiered tray sitting in my pantry, just waiting to be used. It turned into a beautiful way to display my succulents while maximizing vertical space on my kitchen counter.

Find tiered trays on Amazon.

2. Add a Cup Stand and Canisters to Your Kitchen Coffee Station

Coffee maker and mugs on a kitchen counter
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I LOVE this coffee station in my kitchen. It’s beautifully simple.

All I needed for a perfect morning brew were my Keurig, stainless steel canisters for K-cups and sugar, and a cup stand for coffee cups.

P.S. Check out 12 ways to organize your kitchen coffee station!

3. Use a Wine Glass Holder Stand

A kitchen counter with a glass jar filled with wine corks, a countertop stand holding wine glasses, and a decorative sign.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Right next to my coffee station, I have a small wine bar. I wanted to keep a few wine glasses on the bar for easy access but didn’t want the space to feel cluttered.

I opted for this great wine glass holder stand, which surprisingly holds six glasses!

4. Use a Round Tray to Corral Items

A large white kitchen island with a round wooden tray holding decorative items.
Photo Credit: StefanaSilber.com

In this beautiful kitchen by StefanaSilber.com, a simple round tray perfectly corrals and displays her decorative items.

5. Use a Contrasting Tray and Utensil Holders for a Pop of Stylish Color

A black decorative tray holding kitchen items on a white kitchen countertop.
Photo Credit: Inspiration for Moms

Inspiration for Moms has a very stylish way to organize kitchen countertops: I just love the way her black tray and utensil crocks contrasts with her white counter and backsplash!

6. Stack Cutting Boards for Organized Style

I love the look of stacked cutting boards and cheese boards on this counter! Organizing boards this way is not only pretty, it’s functional, too.

It allows you to retain easy access to cutting boards when you prep meals without taking up a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

Take this concept one step further by engraving your own cutting board, as shown below in the photo by Sustain My Craft Habit. This is such a fun idea and way to personalize your kitchen!

A wooden cutting board leaning against a white backsplash in a kitchen.
Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

7. Store Farm Fresh Eggs in a Countertop Egg House

Photo Credit: Tea and Forget-Me-Nots

I learned something new! I had never heard of an egg house before I saw this post by Tea and Forget-Me-Nots.

Living in the U.S. in a suburban community, I have never raised chickens or bought farm-fresh eggs. I buy eggs from the grocery store, and they require refrigeration immediately.

However, in other countries (or where people raise their own chickens), eggs can live on the counter instead of in the refrigerator. Apparently, the way commercial eggs in the States are processed and packaged makes them more susceptible to salmonella if they aren’t refrigerated.

8. Use a Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop Storage

Photo Credit: Dabbling & Decorating

Isn’t an antique bread box just perfect in this Dabbling & Decorating country kitchen? And a bread box in ANY style is a perfect way to organize kitchen countertops. You can store far more than bread…think baked goods, spices, coffee station items, etc.

9. Try a Dish Drying Rack to Organize Kitchen Counter Items

In the photo above, that awesome rack to the right of the oven is actually a dish-drying rack! It’s rustic and stylish enough to feature prominently on the kitchen counter to organize and display kitchen tools and items.

Find dish drying racks on Amazon.

10. Use Pretty Dish Dryers for Dishes on the Counter

Dish dryer racks used to organize kitchen counters near a kitchen sink
Photo Credit: Depositphotos.com

Of course, you can also use dish drying racks to neatly store dishes, cups and utensils next to your kitchen sink. I love the use of natural wooden racks and holders in the image above.

11. Install a Basket Stand to Maximize Counter Space

Photo Credit: Canva.com

This pretty tiered basket stand makes great use of vertical space on a kitchen counter. It also helps keep fruits and vegetables separate.

12. Store Kitchen Essentials in a Woven Basket

A woven basket offers a beautiful way to style and organize kitchen essentials like coffee bar supplies. Keeping everything in the same neutral color palette gives this coffee nook a lot of elegance.

13. Add Clear Glass Canisters for Dry Goods

Clear glass jars and canisters are a pretty way to store and display your dry goods or baking ingredients. They give you easy access to beans, rice, flour, sugar and more while keeping your counter tidy.

14. Install a Tiered Spice Rack

A tiered spice rack maximizes space on organized kitchen countertops

Keep your spices handy but not cluttered with a tiered spice rack. I love vertical storage solutions to organize kitchen countertops! They allow you to store more in a smaller space.

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