99 Things You Can Easily Declutter Now

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When you want to declutter but you’re not sure where to begin, a list can be a perfect kickstart!

You may find it hard to believe, but there are AT LEAST 99 things most of us can declutter now from our homes. I’m serious! Read on and be amazed.

And then get to decluttering…you’ve got this!

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1. Old Magazines

Let’s start with an EASY one. Most of us are hanging onto old magazines for no good reason.

Many magazines are available online with your subscription. If you’re keeping a magazine because of a specific article or recipe, take a picture or cut it out.

You can scan it into your computer or store it in a folder. Then toss the magazine!

2. Chopsticks

Why do we feel compelled to keep the chopsticks we get with our takeout chow mein? I’m guilty of this too.

Look in your pantry or kitchen drawers. If you’ve got chopsticks, it’s time to let ’em go.

3. Packets of Ketchup or Hot Sauce

Along with those chopsticks, you’ve probably got a large stash of ketchup packets, dipping sauces or other condiments you brought home with drive-thru meals.

If you haven’t used them by now, you never will. Bye, bye!

4. Expired Spices

I can almost guarantee you have spice jars in your pantry or cabinet that are WAY past their “use by” date. Check those expiration dates and declutter now.

(Check out my tips on organizing spices so they don’t expire in the back of your pantry!)

5. Old Baking Ingredients

More pantry items to check the dates on: your baking soda, baking powder, and other baking ingredients.

Many of us only use these a few times a year, so they stick around WAY past their due dates.

6. Vases

Somehow, most of us end up with a collection of vases we don’t use. Choose one or two to keep for nice occasions (or use them NOW to decorate your home). Donate the rest.

7. Duplicate Kitchen Tools

How many spatulas do you REALLY need? (The answer is no more than two, and that’s only if you cook BIG meals requiring more than one spatula at a time.)

Go through all of your kitchen tools and donate the duplicates. (I once discovered we had three can openers. WHY?)

8. Unused Small Kitchen Appliances

Haven’t used that steamer in years? Did you discover you don’t pull out that pressure cooker as often as you thought you would?

We’ve all got an appliance we never use. It’s time to part ways.

9. Food Storage Containers Missing Lids

Tupperware food storage container
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I always enjoy this project. Every few years, I pull out ALL of our Tupperware and food storage containers and try to match them with lids.

Somehow, just like with those mysterious missing socks, there are ALWAYS containers that don’t have lids. Got some in your home? Declutter now!

10. Takeout Containers

You may have a large collection of takeout containers in your pantry. They are unnecessary!

You have two choices: you can put them in the recycling bin OR you can repurpose them. I use mine for storing office supplies, hardware, and even blister packs of medicine.

See how I organized my medicine cabinet with takeout containers here!

11. Duplicate Pots and Pans

Another category of items many of us have too many of? Pots and pans. Even I feel I have a few too many skillets. I only have four burners on my stove, so why do I have six skillets? Let’s declutter those now!

P.S. I have SO MANY great ideas for organizing pots and pans in the kitchen. Check ’em out.

12. Old Receipts

Many people hang on to receipts far longer than they need to. You can shred (right now):

  • Receipts for items you no longer have
  • Tax receipts older than 7 years
  • Paper receipts you have electronic copies for

You can also go paperless by scanning your receipts into your computer or phone. Amazon has an Epson receipt scanner that works with PC or Mac software.

Once you’ve scanned your receipts, you can shred them. No more paper clutter!

13. Old or Unused Electronics

Take a look around your house. Do you have an old printer, an obsolete CD player, or other electronics gathering dust? Donate or recycle them!

You can visit your local Staples and recycle TONS of electronics there. Here’s a list of what they’ll take.

14. Cables and Chargers for Devices You Don’t Have

In my office cabinet, I have a bin labeled “Adapters and Chargers.” And I can pretty much guarantee there are some things in there that I don’t have devices for anymore! If you’ve got some too, you can declutter now.

15. Broken, Unused or Obsolete Headphones

A lot of people have a collection of wired ear buds they received with their old iPhones. Guess what? iPhones don’t have headphone jacks anymore. So, you can safely donate those ear buds. You won’t need them, unless you purchase a separate adapter.

Same goes for any headphones that are broken. Time to toss those in the trash!

16. Old Instruction Manuals

If you keep all of your instruction manuals together in one place, I can pretty much GUARANTEE you’ve got some you don’t need.

We rarely remember to toss or donate the instruction manual when we toss or donate an appliance or piece of technology!

ALSO…many instruction manuals are provided online. Check out the manufacturer’s website. If one exists online, toss the hard copy.

17. Scratched CDs and DVDs

We’ve all got them…scratched CDs or DVDs from years past that skip if we try to play them. No need to keep them.

18. Old Cell Phones and Tablets

Donate those old phones and tablets! Just make sure to delete ALL personal information and data first. Stores like Best Buy have recycling programs for old tech that will take it off your hands for free.

19. Extra Buttons

You probably have a drawer or bin FILLED with random buttons you’ve never needed to sew on a garment. (You probably don’t even have the garments anymore.) Declutter them!

20. Old Textbooks

Stack of colorful hardback books
Photo Credit: DepositPhotos.com

If you’re hanging onto old textbooks from college, don’t. I can honestly say I never once needed a textbook I bought in college after I graduated.

21. Outdated Planners

It’s ok to toss those old planners from years past! If you haven’t needed anything from them in a while, you probably won’t. You can always take a picture of any important information or dates before you shred them or throw them away.

22. Expired Medications

Before you toss them, make sure you know the best way to dispose of expired meds. Learn how to safely dispose of expired medications and vitamin supplements here.

23. Old Prescription Glasses

I always keep one or two backups of my glasses (including one in my car), but beyond that, this is an item we can declutter now. You can drop them off at Goodwill or a local LensCrafters or Walmart Vision Center.

24. Expired Beauty Products

Declutter all of those old mascara tubes, lip glosses and eye creams…they can actually hurt you. Bacteria builds up in old, opened beauty products and can cause problems with your skin.

25. Free Skincare Samples You Haven’t Used

I know I’m not the only one with too many of these! Whenever I go to the beauty counter to buy something, I walk away with a free gift…usually a bunch of samples. I almost NEVER use them, so they pile up in my bathroom. Time to go!

26. Old Towels

Do you have a stack of old, stained, torn towels taking up space in your linen closet? Unless you use them regularly for washing your car or windows, toss them in the trash.

27. Socks Without a Mate

We all have that bag of mismatched socks in our laundry room. Trust me, if you haven’t found its mate after a month (and several cycles of laundry), you probably won’t. It’s ok to let it go.

28. Socks With Holes

Why do we hang onto socks with holes in them? They do us no good! You can either throw them out or use them for cleaning. But either way, they shouldn’t go back in your dresser drawer.

29. Unused Bedding

I recommend only keeping two sets of bedding (sheets and pillowcases) for each bed in your home. More than that really just clutters up your linen closet, and it doesn’t get used.

30. Unworn Jewelry

Fashion jewelry spilling out of a jewelry box
Photo Source: DepositPhotos.com

Another item to declutter now: fashion jewelry that hasn’t been worn in over a year or two. Just like clothing, jewelry goes out of style. No need to let it clutter up your jewelry box.

31. Broken or Unworn Watches

The truth is that people are wearing decorative watches less often than they used to. We have our phones to tell us the time. Many of us have switched to Apple watches. It’s ok to part with a broken or unworn watch.

32. Old Calendars

I know it’s hard for some of us to part with old calendars. But they truly serve no purpose. The memories of those past dates are in our hearts. If a particular event or date is very sentimental, consider removing that page from the calendar. But declutter the rest.

33. Duplicate Or Unused Office Supplies

You do NOT need three staplers, two stapler removers and four hole punchers in your office desk! Pare those duplicate office supplies and tools down to just one.

34. Dried Out or Broken Pens and Pencils

When was the last time you went through your pens and pencils? I’m willing to bet at least several are dried out or broken. This is a decluttering project you can easily do while you’re binging your favorite TV show.

35. Old Greeting Cards

It’s ok to keep some of those greeting cards your kids made for you in school. (You can also take pictures of them and store them on your computer or a digital photo frame.) But if you’re holding onto cards you received four years ago from your real estate agent, let’s declutter them.

36. Broken or Unused Picture Frames

Picture frames take up a lot of space in our homes, so if they’re not being used, let’s donate them!

37. Old Software

Remember when software came on a CD-ROM disc? How many of those old discs do you still have lying around? You can definitely declutter those now.

38. Phone Cases You No Longer Use

I promise, you only need one phone case at a time. You can keep ONE as a backup just in case, but that’s it! The rest can go.

39. Worn Out Shoes

I keep ONE pair of old sneakers in my closet for gardening or working in the garage. The rest get donated or tossed. And I throw out flip-flops or sandals as soon as they break. No sense holding on to them!

40. Expired Coupons

A pile of coupons
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If you collect coupons, you likely have more than a few that have expired. (I do, too!) Let’s go through that coupon drawer and toss all of our expired coupons right now.

41. Damaged Umbrellas

Another thing many of us hang onto: umbrellas that don’t work anymore! Once they’ve been blown inside out multiple times or ripped off their frame, umbrellas do you NO GOOD.

42. Unused Holiday Decorations

Every year, as I put up my holiday decorations, I declutter any that I find broken (and can’t be fixed) or I just don’t like anymore. This way, I don’t have to keep lugging them into and out of the house each holiday. It lightens my load!

43. Worn Out (or Out of Fashion) Belts

Pare down those belts! After a few years, they start to look pretty shabby or just plain out of style. I prefer just to keep some basics in my closet.

44. Old Sports Equipment

If you or your kids have outgrown your old sports equipment, donate it! My husband and I no longer snowboard, so we sold our boards. My son outgrew his T-ball equipment, so we donated it. Our garage thanks us for it!

45. Expired Sunscreen

In many climates, sunscreen isn’t used year-round. (Here in Arizona, it is!) This means a lot of people hang onto bottles of sunscreen a lot longer than they should. Expired sunscreen loses its potency, so you could be harming your skin!

46. Old Backpacks and Bags

No household needs more than one backpack per person. (And one sports bag, if you’re a sporty family). You also don’t need six beach bags, cooler bags or book bags. Don’t keep more than you can carry in a single trip!

47. Excess Hangers in Your Closet

Take a quick scan of your closet and see if you’ve got some extra hangers you can declutter!

48. Outdated Board Games

As years go by, our kids outgrow their board games. Some just aren’t as fun as the “classics.” Donate them so another family can enjoy them!

49. Old Puzzles (and ANY Puzzles Missing Pieces)

In my household, we never put together a jigsaw puzzle more than once. Those boxes take up a lot of space, so we donate them after we finish. And any puzzles missing pieces should be tossed.

50. Rechargeable Batteries That Stop Charging

Yellow rechargeable batteries in a white charger on a blue background
Photo Credit: DepositPhotos.com

Rechargeable batteries eventually run down and won’t hold a charge. You can take them to your local Home Depot and deposit them in recycling bins there.

51. Worn Out Power Strips

Power strips should be replaced every five years or so (or if they show signs of damage or wear). BUT you shouldn’t throw them in the trash because they contain toxic chemicals. Check with your local recycling facility about e-waste.

52. Old Cookbooks

Many of us collect cookbooks but only use one or two recipes from each. That’s a lot of storage space wasted! Take a picture of the recipe you use, and donate the cookbook. (I get most of my recipes from social media these days!)

53. Broken or Unused Garden Tools

Rakes, trowels and gardening gloves break down over time. And perhaps your chainsaw days are over, or you replaced your lawn with artificial turf and no longer need that power mower. Time to declutter those tools!

54. Unused Patio Furniture

If you have a bunch of unused lawn chairs cluttering up your yard or garage, let them go!

55. DVDs or VHS Tapes You Never Watch

Maybe your kids have outgrown that Baby Einstein video, or you no longer have a VCR. It’s time to declutter those old discs and tapes!

56. Musical Instruments No One Plays

That recorder from your child’s kindergarten days? You can declutter that. And the xylophone and maracas that haven’t been touched in years.

57. Every Expired Item in Your Refrigerator

Let’s declutter that fridge! Shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer, look for and toss all the expired food you find.

And check out some amazing refrigerator organization tips here.

58. Old Alarm Clocks

Most of us don’t use alarm clocks anymore. With alarms on our phones, tablets, watches and Alexa hubs, there’s no need.

59. Worn-Out Pillows

Pillows do NOT keep forever. They should be replaced every 1-2 years, so if you’ve got a collection of pillows older than that, let them go.

60. Luggage You Never Use

Thanks to travel organizers and space bags, it has become so easy to travel with just a carry-on and a backpack! Many of us don’t use or need HUGE suitcases anymore. If this applies to you, feel free to donate your excess luggage.

61. All Those Extra Blankets

Blankets can be like rabbits…they multiply every time you blink! You probably only need one extra blanket per bedroom for cold nights, plus a few throws for the living room couch. And ONE picnic or beach blanket is plenty.

62. Paperback Books

I know many people collect beautiful hardback books, and that’s perfectly acceptable. But we don’t need to hang onto all of those beach novels and airport paperbacks! Sell them to half-priced bookstores or donate to your local library.

63. Stationery

Old stationery can take up a lot of precious storage space. Most people text or email nowadays. Unless you write letters by hand on a daily basis, you can probably declutter it. (Keep one nice set of thank you notes.)

64. Printer Photo Paper You Don’t Use

I have a storage bin full of free printable photo paper I received with every printer we’ve bought in the last 20 years. We never use it! If I have photos printed, I order them online. I’m going to declutter mine right now.

65. Expired or Unused Pet Supplies

You know those dog treats Fido didn’t really like? Don’t hang onto them! Also declutter expired flea and tick medicine, any expired meds from the vet, and the extra collars or leashes you don’t use.

66. Worn-Out Purses or Wallets

We do NOT need to keep old purses or wallets that have seen better days. If they can be fixed or restored (and you will use them again), take/send them in now. Otherwise, declutter.

67. That Weird Collection of Keychains

When you open your junk drawer, do you see a bunch of strange and unused keychains? They can go!

68. Broken or Chipped Coffee Cups

We’ve all got a few broken or chipped coffee mugs sitting in the back of a kitchen cabinet somewhere. Why do we keep them? Unless you use it every day due to sentimental value, declutter now.

69. Old, Stained or Burned Kitchen Linens

If your kitchen towels, oven mitts and pot holders are too damaged to display, it’s time to throw them away. And we only need a couple of each, by the way!

70. Unused Cleaning Products

Sometimes, we buy cleaning products that don’t work as advertised. Don’t let them clutter your cabinets and cleaning closets! Read the instructions on proper disposal and recycle the container.

71. Broken, Unused or Duplicate Tools

Tools break and we don’t get them fixed. Or we finish that DIY project and never use a tool again. And sometimes, we discover we have six identical wrenches (because they weren’t organized properly). No sense in letting these items take up precious storage space one minute longer!

72. Old Craft Supplies

Are you an occasional crafter like me? You probably have leftover paint, glue, paste or other supplies from years ago. And those items are probably hard as a rock. Go through your supplies and declutter anything that can’t be used.

73. Old House Paint or Painting Supplies

While we’re talking about paint, do you have leftover paint from a DIY remodel? How about old caulk or spackle that’s dried up? Declutter those items.

You can always note the color and brand if you need to touch it up down the road. But paint won’t keep forever.

74. Unsent Holiday Cards

Sometimes, we order more personalized photo holiday cards than we send out. Declutter them! (You can always take a picture for the memories, but do you need to keep the card?)

75. Broken or Burned Out Candles

Those busted birthday candles in the back of your kitchen drawer? They can go. So can the jar candles that are so burned down you can’t keep them lit.

76. Old Phone Books

Phone books aren’t needed in most households. People use the internet for just about everything. If you’ve kept a collection of old phone books, it’s ok to declutter them now. (Ok, you can keep ONE just in case your internet goes down for an extended time.)

77. Worn-Out Bath Mats

Old or worn-out bath mats aren’t just unattractive to look at. They can harbor bacteria and mold. And if they have rubber grip bottoms, those wear out and cause a risk of tripping or slipping.

78. Old Coaxial Cables

Many of us remember the days before everything was wireless or required ethernet cables. Back then, we used coaxial cables throughout the house. My husband kept a lot of those old cables (just in case). But we DO NOT need them!

79. Excess Flower Pots or Planters

If you’re not using them every year, you’re not using them. Declutter those pots and planters!

80. Old Party Supplies

You may have kept all of those specialty party supplies from your child’s third birthday or your spouse’s 40th surprise party. You likely won’t need them again, so it’s safe to declutter them now.

81. Wedding Favors

If you’ve been to weddings in your life, you’ve probably brought home a collection of coasters, tiny picture frames and other favors that don’t have a place in your home.

82. Unused Takeout Menus

If you have a stack of takeout menus you’ve never used (and never plan to use), declutter those now.

83. Kids Clothing They’ve Outgrown

It can be hard to part with your kids’ clothes after they’ve grown. However, these items just clutter our homes, attics and garages. The memory of your child wearing the clothes can be kept in a photo, but try to declutter the clothes you no longer need.

If it’s a handmade item, that’s different. Consider having it preserved or displayed in a shadow box.

84. Toys Your Kids Don’t Play With

If you notice your kids have stopped playing with certain toys (but they don’t want to part with them) put them in a box and wait for a month. If they don’t ask for them once, you can safely declutter them.

85. Old Hair Dryers or Styling Tools

I have a rule that when I bring something new into the house, something must leave the house. This is especially true for bulky items like hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. They take up too much space to have more than one per person.

86. Expired or Spent Gift Cards

Some gift cards expire after a while. Others get spent but we forget to toss them. Go through your stack of gift cards and make sure they’re still good. Then make an effort to USE them so you can declutter them!

87. Travel-Sized Items You Forgot About

Those tiny tubes of toothpaste, body lotion or mouthwash that you opened but didn’t finish? They go bad after a while. Go through your cabinets and drawers and declutter them.

88. Unused Exercise Equipment

It’s ok to admit you’ll never use that kettlebell or punching bag or rowing machine. Admitting it is the first step to decluttering it! Donate it and someone else can use it to dump clothes on.

89. Excess Refrigerator Magnets

How many refrigerator magnets does a household need? Not many. (Especially not the magnets you received in the mail from a real estate agent or solar panel company.)

90. Reusable Water Bottles

Somehow, my household has a MUCH bigger collection of reusable water bottles than we need. We pick up sports bottles at trade shows or sporting events and then we never use them again. This is a great item to declutter now.

91. Novelty Cups

My family also has a collection of reusable or novelty cups from restaurants we never return to, movie theaters (the cups have expired) and other places. They are completely unnecessary!

92. Broken or Obsolete Remote Controls

Do you have remote controls to devices you or don’t have? Or (like in my family) remote controls that went through the washing machine or broke after falling on the ground? Let’s declutter those.

93. Old Digital Cameras or Camcorders

If you use your phone to take digital photos and videos, you no longer need these devices. Just make sure to take the memory cards out before you donate them!

94. Unused or Outdated Ticket Stubs

Unless you are actively scrapbooking or framing them, you can declutter old ticket stubs.

My husband and I went to see his alma mater play in the Rose Bowl one year. That was a very memorable event, so we had the tickets and memorabilia framed in a shadow box. But the 10th time we saw our favorite band play? Those tickets we didn’t keep.

95. Worn-Out Caps, Hats, Visors and Beanies

My family lives in Arizona, so we wear hats and visors a lot. Over time, they get quite worn and sweat-stained. Yuck. We declutter them on a regular basis.

96. Old, Unused or Broken Sunglasses

Sunglasses accumulate in homes, but most of us tend to only wear one or two pairs. And if sunglasses are broken, bent or scratched, it’s time to let them go.

97. Hair Accessories You Don’t Wear

We all outgrow hair accessories. Those old banana clips from the 1990s just don’t cut it anymore? Declutter them!

98. Old Ties

Just like all other fashion accessories, ties can go out of style. Maybe you’ve got a collection of skinny ties you never wear, or your ties are too long, too short, or just plain ugly. Declutter them!

99. Formal Wear You Never Wear

For a lot of us, it’s easier to declutter everyday clothing than it is formal wear. But suits and dresses fall out of style or no longer fit us just like regular clothes. Go through that closet and declutter the evening gowns and formal suits you don’t wear.

Collage of photos showing items you can declutter from your home.

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