17 Ways to Organize Your Home Without Spending a Dime

Photos showing office supplies organized in mason jars and pens and pencils stored in tin cans
Photo Credit: Canva.com

You might be wondering if it’s actually possible to organize your home without spending money. YES, IT IS!

No one loves strolling down the aisles of The Container Store more than I do. I’m also well aware that all of those pretty organizers cost a pretty penny. (I’ve spent plenty of pretty pennies there, let me tell ya!)

However, pretty organizers aren’t necessary to have an organized home. There are COUNTLESS ways to reuse and repurpose things you have already lying around. I’m about to share a list of my favorite ideas — read on and get inspired!

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1. Repurpose Glass Jars to Organize Tools, Crafts, Office Supplies

Glass jars hold hardware on a Lazy Susan on a garage workbench
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

We all have glass jars around the house. The next time you finish jam or spaghetti sauce, wash the jar and use it to organize!

In the photo above, I used old mason jars to store hardware on my husband’s workbench. You can also use jars to organize:

  • Buttons
  • Spare change
  • Paper clips
  • Pens, pencils and paintbrushes
  • Q-tips and cotton balls
  • Hair clips
  • Toothpicks
  • Allen wrenches

2. Use Takeout Containers for Office Supplies and Medicines

Food takeout containers repurposed as organizers for medicine and office supplies. Organize without spending a dime.
Photo Source: Organizenvy

Do you save those plastic takeout containers you get from restaurants? They make PERFECT storage containers for medicine that comes in blister packs. See how nicely they stack (left side of photo above)? (See how I did it here.)

I also use them to store office supplies like binder clips and push pins. They’d be great for hardware like screws, bolts and nuts, too.

3. Recycle Tin Cans for Craft Supplies

Tin cans used to organize pens, pencils and crayons
Photo Credit: Canva.com

Instead of tossing those green bean cans, you can clean them up and repurpose them in your craft room. They make great storage containers for paintbrushes, colored pencils, crayons and other supplies.

Reusing items instead of throwing them away is a lovely way to organize your home without spending extra money!

4. Use Old Shoeboxes to Organize Socks, Accessories, Household Goods

Photo of a navy blue shoebox
Photo Credit: Canva.com

Shoeboxes filled with socks or accessories stack nicely on a shelf. They also make great drawer organizers for office supplies. Use them in a cabinet or pantry to store snacks, plastic utensils, napkins and other household goods.

Be sure to label each shoebox so you know what it contains!

5. Extra Baskets Make Great Storage Bins

A repurposed basket used to store books. Great way to organize your home without spending money.
Photo Credit: Canva.com

Many of us have empty baskets lying around. Even a small gift basket can be repurposed into a storage bin. I’ve used old gift baskets for office supplies, books, mail, keys…you name it. (I’m using an old basket right now to store all of my pickleballs!)

Every time you receive a gift that comes in a basket, think about what you might store in it!

6. Use Bookshelves to Store More Than Books & Decor

Bookshelf with storage bins for office supplies
Photo Credit: Canva.com

Make the most of your bookshelves by thinking beyond books and pretty (but useless) decor. Add bins, boxes and baskets to the shelves, and voila! Instant (free) storage space. This idea is great in a home office for supplies or a family room for games, puzzles and DVDs.

7. Old Curtain Rings Make Great Tank Top Hangers

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I have a collection of pretty tank tops that I like to hang in my closet. Instead of buying a tank top hanger, I used old curtain rings. I zip-tied them to a hanger so they wouldn’t slide. Now, my tank tops are easy to find and take up less space.

This idea also works for scarves, belts and ties!

Drawer organizers are WONDERFUL but can be expensive to purchase. Make your own using cardboard from a box or extra card stock you have lying around! (Click the image above to see more about this project.)

The benefit to this tip is you can size your dividers or trays to any size you need.

9. Upcycle Old Cereal Boxes for Office Organization

Your empty cereal box can be transformed into SO MANY organizers! Check out the great mail and magazine holder in the photo above. Hard to believe that used to be a cereal box. (Click the image to learn more.)

Got old tension rods lying around? They can easily be repurposed for storage hacks like this holder for pots and pans. You can also hang one under your kitchen sink to store spray bottles, or use them vertically in a cabinet to store cutting boards on their side.

The options are endless!

11. Use Masking Tape for Labels

Photo Credit: Organizenvy and Canva.com

Use masking or painter’s tape to make your own labels for free! I used masking tape on all of the cords and cables in our media center when we moved across the country. It made it SO easy to set everything back up.

12. Ice Cube Trays Store Small Items Beautifully

Photo Credit: Canva.com

Use an old ice cube tray to store craft supplies like beads and buttons, hardware like nuts and bolts, and small jewelry items like rings and earrings.

13. Use Extra Hooks EVERYWHERE

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

We all have Command hooks (or decorative hooks) lying around. I have an entire storage bin filled with hooks!

Look around your house for places you can use these organizing gems. I used them on the inside of my medicine cabinet door for tweezers and eyelash curlers. I also used one inside my kitchen sink cabinet to hang towels.

Get creative!

14. Old Towel Bars Can Hang Kitchen Tools, Scarves, Belts and Bags

The next time you update your bathroom, use that old towel bar on a closet wall to hang your scarves and bags. Or use it on a kitchen wall and hang utensils.

15. Try Bread Clips to Label Cords and Cables

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Look how simple this hack is! Label all of your cords and cables with old bread clips, and never wonder which is which again.

16. Toilet Paper Rolls Make Great Organizers

This is such a great way to keep your cords and cables stored neatly in a bin or drawer. And so simple!

17. Repurpose Tissue Boxes and Snack Containers for Plastic Bag Storage

Photo Credit: Canva and Organizenvy

I’ve used both of these methods. Stuff an empty tissue box or plastic snack tub with your grocery store bags! Just pull one out when you need it. I re-use my plastic grocery store bags for kitty litter and to line my small waste baskets.

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