Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage space is always at a premium, and especially now! With everyone at home, we’re all forced to share space. Some of us have been hoarding stocking up on toilet paper, too. It’s challenging to find adequate storage! In times like these, I look for quick, clever bathroom storage ideas designed to maximize space and efficiency.

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Vanity Storage

First, let’s start with the vanity. While it’s a great place to store bathroom supplies, it EASILY looks cluttered if you’re not careful. (This was my problem.) I found an easy bathroom storage solution that is perfect for any vanity:

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Adorable, right? This entire look can be reproduced with items from Amazon! The two-tiered tray can be found in a wide variety of styles to fit any size countertop and any style. Some options:

Creative Co-op Decorative Metal Two Tier Tray with Handle

Creative Co-Op Distressed Brown Wood Metal Handle Two-Tier Tray

Vienna Rectangular Cosmetics and Toiletry Storage

Next, the cute glass apothecary jars filled with cotton swabs and cotton rounds:

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

These classic decor pieces never go out of style. They are found in a range of styles, too:

Clear Glass Apothecary Jars

Bathroom Vanity Glass Storage Organizer Canister Apothecary Jar

Bronze Vanity Glass Storage Organizer Canister Apothecary Jars

Liquid soap never looked as chic as it does in this rustic, farmhouse-style mason jar soap dispenser!

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bonus tip: one money-saving hack I learned is to dilute liquid hand soap with water. Play around with the ratios until you get a consistency you like. (On a budget? See my list of organizing hacks that save money here.)

Pinterest has a ton of ideas on DIY mason jar soap dispensers (and other fun projects) for the craftier folks. Amazon has several ready-made options to order:

Modern Farmhouse Style Liquid Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Liquid Soap Dispenser with Pump + Toothbrush Lid

Last but not least, a cute potted succulent is a fresh finishing touch:

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Isn’t that just perfect? I adore succulents, and grow several in my kitchen window. If your bathroom has enough natural light and you prefer live plants, head to the garden center for a sweet little succulent to green up your space. If not, don’t despair! Artificial plants are better for interior bathrooms and those with black thumbs. Some options at Amazon:

MoonLa Artificial Succulent Plants

Add some organic hand soaps, simple cotton wash cloths or even some sweet little farmhouse signage to complete the vignette, and your countertop organizer is complete!

Drawer Storage

Drawers provide another perfect place for clever bathroom storage. My favorite way to keep them tidy is with clear organizers:

Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas

The trick is to group like items together so you know exactly where to find them later on! Bonus “clever” tip: install grip shelf liner in the bottom of the drawer to prevent items from sliding around when you open and close the drawer. Game changer!

Clear organizers can be found on Amazon here, and the grip liner is here. Just be sure to measure your drawers before ordering to ensure you purchase the best size for your space.

My favorite tip for drawer storage is to make use of the empty space behind the top false drawers with these brilliant tip-out trays.

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Here’s how they work: you remove the false drawer front from the vanity and attach the hinges to the drawer front and inside of the vanity. The trays are attached to the back of the drawer front with screws. This little DIY project does require some tools and careful measurements, so prepare ahead of time. I provide more in-depth instructions in this post.

I recommend the soft-close trays, which I did not purchase for my bathroom. The hinges I have will slam shut if I’m not careful. I will likely replace them in the future. And be sure to measure your drawer space before you order!

Cabinet Storage

The cabinet space beneath the bathroom sink is so awkward! The pipes and water lines get in the way and it’s really difficult to maximize the space. I discovered a couple of clever ideas that work like a charm beneath my sink:

The three-drawer Sterilite organizer is perfect for storing flat everyday items like razor blades, feminine hygiene products, beauty samples, contact lens cases, extra toothbrushes and more. And you just can’t beat a lazy Susan for maximizing vertical space and enabling easy access to all of your skin and haircare products. A MUST on busy mornings!

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Finally, I have a quick-but-clever hack for the medicine cabinet: utilize the inside of the door! Many people forget that this is prime real estate for anything they can hang: toothbrushes and paste (thanks to these awesome stick-on organizers) and cuticle scissors and eyelash curlers using small Command hooks! Check it out:

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Don’t Forget The Organizing Basics

Before you jump into reorganizing the bathroom, remember the basics! Prepare the space, budget appropriately, sort and purge, and arrange (and re-arrange) with a focus on like items. I offer step-by-step instructions for any organizing project here.

What Are YOUR Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas?

I’d love to hear about clever ways you’ve maximized space or utilized storage in your bathroom. Tell me about them in the comments below!


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