14 Game-Changing Ways to Organize With a Lazy Susan

Collage showing two ways to organize a Lazy Susan cabinet in the kitchen
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

Organize with a Lazy Susan? Game-changing? Quite possibly, yes! If you haven’t tried it, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing.

The Lazy Susan is an ingenious invention that many overlook when it comes to organizing their home. Some folks even say it’s not for them. But as you’ll see in the examples I’ve collected below, this little turntable of awesomeness can store a variety of items in otherwise challenging spaces. 

Lazy Susans come in different sizes to accommodate large bottles or small items, and they’re great for those kitchen, pantry or bathroom essentials you use on a daily basis. 

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1. Store Pots and Pans in a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Organizing pots and pans (and lids) is a major kitchen organization challenge for many people. It’s a pain to bend down and wrestle that big saucepan from the back of the cabinet, and then you’ve got to find the lid somewhere in the mess, too.

If your kitchen is equipped with a Lazy Susan cabinet, try storing pots and pans there instead. You can keep your larger, heavier pans on the bottom and smaller pots and a lid rack on top.

Organize with a Lazy Susan: pots and pans in a Lazy Susan cabinet
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

PRO TIP: If you stack your pans, use a paper plate or a pan protector to prevent scratches.


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2. Storage for Small Appliances 

Another idea for a well-organized Lazy Susan cabinet: storing those small kitchen items and appliances that take up too much valuable space on the counter. I keep my blender, hand mixer, breakfast sandwich maker and electric choppers and dicers in mine. 

Since I keep my stand mixer on the counter above the Lazy Susan, I store its attachments and other baking tools like mixing bowls, sifters and large measuring cups in the cabinet too.

The counter space above my Lazy Susan tends to be where I prepare food the most, so it makes sense to have the tools and appliances I use regularly close at hand.

Organize with a Lazy Susan: small appliances and cooking gadgets
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com


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3. Maximize Storage Space Under a Bathroom Sink

Bathroom vanity cabinets can be such a challenge to keep tidy! They’re small and narrow and it’s hard to navigate around the pipes. As a result, there’s often a lot of empty vertical space that goes unused.

I solved this obstacle in my home by installing a Lazy Susan in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. I put it on top of a storage shelf and stored small travel items beneath.

I can honestly say this changed my life when it came to getting ready in the morning! The time savings alone…not having to dig through piles of hair and skin products to find what I need is everything.

PRO TIP: Use a Lazy Susan with a built-in wall when you store taller items like bottles.
This keeps them from tipping over when you turn it.

I can honestly say this changed my life when it came to getting ready in the morning! The time savings alone…not having to dig through piles of hair and skin products to find what I need is everything.

I even went so far as to organize my daily bathroom products in the order that I use them. Body lotion, hair mousse, hairspray, etc.

Cabinet under a bathroom sink with organized bathroom items
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

In fact, this storage solution was so successful that I started looking for other ways to organize with a Lazy Susan around my house.

Another use for Lazy Susans in the bathroom: toilet bowl cleaner and cleaning supplies. The rotating organizer makes it easy to grab the supplies you need without having to reach into tight spaces.


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4. Garage Workbench Organization

A Lazy Susan and some mason jars make perfect garage workbench organizers! Store screws, nails, fasteners, hooks and other smaller items in those smaller jars, situate them on the Lazy Susan and you’re good to go.

I used a Lazy Susan I had on hand, but I would recommend one with a non-slip surface

Organize with a lazy susan: garage workbench storage ideas
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

5. Spice Storage

Spice storage is another common frustration for many. How do you keep all of your spices organized and easy to find? Many pro organizers swear by a Lazy Susan!

There are several options that can work in a cabinet, on a pantry shelf or in a countertop corner space:

If you cook or bake a lot and use many spices regularly, I recommend a sectioned Lazy Susan (or getting a second one) to group spices by usage.

For instance, you can group baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves; Italian seasonings like basil, oregano, Italian parsley; savory seasonings like sage, rosemary and thyme; and “everyday” spices like salts and peppers.


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6. Refrigerator Organization

A Lazy Susan can make a HUGE difference in your refrigerator! There’s nothing worse than forgetting items on the back of the fridge shelf and having them expire. By grouping items together on a Lazy Susan, you’ll always have an immediate view and access to everything in your fridge.

I think the solution below would work well for condiments, sauces, snacks and drinks. It was designed for refrigerators with a rectangular shape to maximize space on the shelf.


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7. Pantry Organization

Lazy Susan
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

There are a couple of ways to approach pantry organization with a Lazy Susan. First, if you store pantry items in a large Lazy Susan cabinet, I recommend organizing them in clear, pie-shaped Lazy Susan organizers.

They’ll help you group “like” or specific items together and keep cans and bottles from sliding around. The handles make them easy to remove for cleaning. (And they can be labeled, too.)

Lazy Susans are PERFECT in that pesky corner of a cabinet or pantry shelf where items tend to get lost or buried! 

Depending on the height of your shelves, you can use a single or two-tiered Lazy Susan to corral jars and cans, baking supplies, snacks, cooking oils and vinegars, baking items…the sky’s the limit. This keeps items within easy reach.


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8. Medicine Cabinet Storage

Medicine bottles stored on a Lazy Susan turntable
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

If you’re always knocking over bottles of vitamins and medications trying to find the one you need, this solution might be perfect for you. Place your daily supplement and prescription bottles on a Lazy Susan for instant and easy access! This idea works great for deep cabinets or even kitchen countertops. 

As you can see in the photo above, I stored all of my cold and flu medicine on a lazy susan on the top shelf of my cabinet. 

Vegan Dollhouse took this idea in a creative direction with a cute DIY Lazy Susan using a plate, Lazy Susan hardware and hot glue:

Supplement bottles stored on a Lazy Susan
Photo Credit: Vegan Dollhouse


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9. Corral Craft Supplies in a Craft Room

You know all of those little bits and bobs of craft supplies that end up everywhere? (But, ironically, are nowhere to be found when you need them?)  Organize them all with a Lazy Susan and cute little metal pails! I love this smart and simple solution from Angie Holden:

Organize with a Lazy Susan: craft supplies
Photo Credit: Angie Holden

You can also label the pails to ensure things stay in their proper place. For a little DIY label inspiration, check out 17 Sensational Ways to Make Labels for Organizing Your Home.

10. Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Like the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink can pose a serious organizing challenge. Installing a divided Lazy Susan is a great way to store items like dishwashing tablets, soaps, sponges and scrubbers and more. Check out this inspiring photo from How to Apartment:

Organize with a Lazy Susan: under the kitchen sink
Photo Credit: How to Apartment


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11. Neatly Display Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics storage can be both pretty and efficient with a decorative Lazy Susan on top of the vanity or dresser. Easily see and access perfume bottles, lotions and oils, makeup or skincare:


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12. Sort Gardening Supplies and Gear

How adorable is this rustic Lazy Susan filled with gardening supplies? What a great way to keep seed packets, small pots and tools organized:

P.S. interested in garden/backyard organizing? Check out 15 Brilliant Backyard Organization Ideas!

13. Store Your Essential Oil Collection on a Lazy Susan

Essential oil bottles stored on a Lazy Susan in a cabinet
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I organized all of my essential oils on a Lazy Susan in my kitchen cabinet. It made it so much easier for me to find them!

(Check out my article for more essential oil storage ideas, too!)

14. Keep Coffee Bar Essentials on a Lazy Susan

Coffee lovers: there is a Lazy Susan just for your coffee syrups! Add this solution to your coffee bar for easy access to your favorite flavors and sweeteners:

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to coffee station organization…check it out!

I hope you’re inspired to find new ways to organize your home using a Lazy Susan. It might just change the game for you, too.

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