18 Sensational Ways to Make Labels For Organizing Your Home

Make Labels for Organizing

Labels are a passion of mine! I love to make labels for organizing. To me, a space isn’t truly organized until the labels are added. Why? Several reasons, actually:

  • Labels make it easy to find what you’re looking for, especially in a closet or pantry.
  • They make it easy to arrange (or rearrange) your items for maximum efficiency. (I’m big on grouping like items together.)
  • Labels also help remind you and members of your household to put things away in their proper place.

With so many fun options available, labels can actually become part of the decor and add style to a space — along with function. I’ll show you how…read on!

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Try These 18 Ways to Make Labels For Organizing

When I create labels, I often use my Cricut, my trusty Brother label maker or I print labels from a simple Word template. However, I’m planning a linen closet makeover soon, and I’d like to try my hand at something new and stylish.

So, I gathered 18 sensational ideas on how to make labels for organizing from some fellow crafty bloggers. The hard part will be picking the perfect style for my closet!

Cricut & Silhouette Label Ideas

For those who are lucky enough to have Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines, this section is for you! No cutting machines? No problem — scroll a little further down to find other great DIY and printable label ideas!

1. Cricut Labels for Upcycled Tin Can Containers

Jane and Sonja from SUSTAIN My Craft Habit dreamed up these labels for upcycled tin can storage containers that work perfectly for craft room organization:

Photo Credit: SUSTAIN My Craft Habit

2. Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl on Fabric Labels

Melissa from Polished Habitat used her Cricut cutting machine AND the Cricut Easy Press Mini to make labels for organizing woven baskets.

Since the woven basket material prevented typical vinyl labels from sticking, Melissa made fabric labels and applied heat transfer vinyl letters. As you can see, the results were outstanding!

Make Labels For Organizing
Photo Credit: Polished Habitat

3. Silhouette Cameo Drawer Labels for Gift Wrap Cart

Let’s talk about gift wrap organization. It can be a challenge! I store gift wrap supplies in a dresser drawer in my guest room because I’m not lucky enough to have my own craft room. If I did, the first thing I’d do is buy this rolling gift wrap organizer cart – what an amazing concept! It comes with slots for gift wrap, drawers, shelves and dowels to hold spools of ribbon. I want!

Of course, drawers and shelves require labels, and Christine from Where the Smiles Have Been has us covered. She provides step-by-step instructions on these colorful DIY drawer labels using her Silhouette Cameo:

Make Labels for Organizing
Photo Credit: Where the Smiles Have Been

4. Silhouette Cameo Etched Glass Vinyl Decals

Another awesome Silhouette Cameo idea from Where the Smiles Have Been uses etched glass vinyl decals to label glass foaming soap dispensers. What a fab way to spruce up the kitchen or bathroom sink with some vintage-looking style!

Make Labels for Organizing
Photo Credit: Where the Smiles Have Been

5. Cricut Vinyl Labels for Media Center Woven Baskets

We recently renovated our family room with an open-shelf media center. My husband and son are BIG gamers, and we’ve collected a lot of video games over the years.

To organize them, I chose hyacinth woven baskets and made labels using balsa wood, chalkboard paint and white permanent vinyl with my Cricut. I manually punched small holes in the wood and attached the labels to the baskets with small gauge wire. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Make labels for organizing: media center baskets with labels for video games
Photo Credit: Organizenvy


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Crafty DIY Label Ideas

For the handy, crafty DIY folks: this section includes some really fun ways to make labels for organizing that do not require any type of electric machine. Your hands and some crafting tools and supplies are all that you need!

6. DIY Removable Blackboard Labels

Erin from Practical Whimsy Designs came up with this ingenious DIY Removable Blackboard Label that can be used (and re-used) on glass or ceramic cups, glasses, jars, containers, etc. All it takes is some contact paper, chalkboard paint and chalk!

Make Labels For Organizing
Photo Credit: Practical Whimsy Designs

This is an adorable idea for labeling wine glasses and coffee cups at parties, or mason jars filled with craft supplies or office essentials.

7. DIY Balsa Wood Painted Chalkboard Labels

Sometimes our favorite organizing bins and baskets just won’t let labels stick to them for very long (if at all). The same goes for that wire shelving many of us have in the pantry. Jess from Jessica Welling Interiors devised a clever hack using balsa wood, chalkboard paint and Crazy Glue for easy painted chalkboard labels:

Make Labels for Organizing
Photo Credit: Jessica Welling Interiors

As an alternative to Crazy Glue, you can also punch or drill a small hole in the wood and use wire, string or plastic ties to affix the labels.

8. DIY Chalkboard Spice Jar Tops

Do you make your own spices, seasonings and rubs? If so, what could be better (and easier to DIY) than customizable chalkboard spice jar tops? Chelsea from Making Manzanita shows you how it’s done with some chalkboard paint and a chalk pen, and you can use (and re-use) these jars for any type of seasoning you can dream up.

make labels for organizing
Photo Credit: Making Manzanita

9. Kraft Tags with Alphabet Stamps

Carrie from Lovely Etc. made these adorable labels for bins in her pantry makeover from plain kraft tags and alphabet stamps! I love the fun, rustic look they give to her white organizing bins.

make labels for organizing
Photo Credit: Lovely Etc.

10. Dry Erase Labeled Bins

Here’s a novel idea: instead of making labels to put on bins, why not use the bin as a label? Mind. Blown. Susan from Organized 31 came up with the brilliantly simple concept of using dry erase bins in her craft room.

Now, any time she needs to change what’s in a bin, she just wipes off the old writing and adds the new contents! Dry erase bins like these can be ordered here.

make labels for organizing
Photo Credit: Organized 31

Printable Label Ideas

If you’ve got a printer, you’re all set to create some beautiful labels thanks to these fab ideas!

11. Mason Jar Kraft Labels

Here’s a great idea for a vintage-styled organizing project. Angie from The Country Chic Cottage produced these really cute, rustic-inspired Kraft labels for her mason jar hardware organizers using printable online labels:

make labels for organizing
Photo Credit: The Country Chic Cottage

12. Printable Vinyl Pantry Labels

When using labels for containers that need regular washing (like food canisters in the pantry), it’s best to go with a label material that doesn’t fall apart when wet.

Robin from A Home to Grow Old In created these super-cute pantry label templates that can be printed on your home printer using vinyl sticker paper. You can download the printable fleur-de-lis labels here.

Make Labels for Organizing
Photo Credit: A Home to Grow Old In

13. Downloadable Pre-Written Pantry Labels

Save time on your next pantry organization project by downloading pre-written pantry label templates. Jaclyn from Crayons & Cravings has created both pre-written and blank printable templates in two sizes that can be used on smaller pantry containers as well as larger bins.

Make Labels for Organizing
Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

14. DIY Fancy Pantry Labels

Looking for a little elegance in your pantry? Shannon from Homemade Lovely created these beautiful DIY fancy pantry labels that can be printed on a printer using Silhouette clear printable sticker paper. Once printed, simply cut each label out with scissors and apply to your container.

make labels for organizing
Photo Courtesy of Homemade Lovely

15. Labels for Homemade Cleaning Products

Another great idea from Shannon at Homemade Lovely: these printable 3″ x 3″ labels for homemade cleaning products. There are a total of 10 for products ranging from window cleaner to laundry soap that can be downloaded from her site and printed on white sticker paper.

Photo Credit: Homemade Lovely

16. Printable Fridge Organization Labels

The only thing better than a neatly organized refrigerator is…a neatly organized refrigerator with labels! Anne from Pantry Escapades has created these downloadable, printable fridge organization labels for four food categories: fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat. Super cute!

Photo Credit: Pantry Escapades

17. Clear Sticker Labels: Laser Printer + Packing Tape

Let’s say you want to make some clear labels but you don’t have clear label sheets to print on. Not to worry! Use your laser printer to print out the labels on a plain white sheet of paper, and clear packing tape to transfer the ink! Pretty ingenious, no? Jasmine from Feeling Nifty lays out the steps on these DIY clear sticker labels here.

Photo Credit: Feeling Nifty

18. Printed Garage Storage Bin Labels

I have a LOT of storage bins in my garage, and I need to be able to find what I’m looking for quickly, whether it’s sports equipment or tools or a tire gauge for my car.

My solution? I printed a detailed list of each bin’s contents on a 4×6 index card and used clear adhesive pockets to attach the card to the front:


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How to Organize Your Entire Home With Labels

In the video below, professional organizer Raveena at Home explains how she organizes any space and how she incorporates labels into her organization projects. Beautiful!

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  3. Wow, I can’t believe I never thought to label my kitchen drawers before! These ideas are so simple yet so effective. I’m definitely trying the blank white sticky labels for my cleaning supplies and the color-coded labels for my food storage. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I completely agree! Labeling your home can make such a big difference in staying organized. I’ve tried a few of these methods and they really work. I’m excited to try the command strips for hanging my kitchen utensils, they look so easy to use. Thank you for sharing these practical tips!

  5. Love these labels for organizing my home! The DIY label maker idea is particularly helpful. Can’t wait to get started on reorganizing my kitchen and making it more functional with these labels. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Love these label ideas! As someone who’s always struggling to keep their home organized, these tips are a lifesaver. I’ll definitely be incorporating some of these into my label-making routine. 😊

  7. I love these label ideas! The blank label sheets are so versatile and can be customized to fit any room in my home. I’m definitely going to try the “Before” and “After” labels in my closet to keep track of what I’ve worn and what needs to be donated. Thanks for the inspiration!

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