Amazing Hidden Bathroom Storage: 10 Ways to Use Under Sink Tip-Out Trays

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you enjoy DIY projects and are curious about ways to use under sink tip-out trays, read on!

Like most women, I find myself routinely complaining about the lack of storage space in my bathroom. There just isn’t room for all of my beauty, grooming and personal care items, let alone my husband’s!

The biggest issue I have is that my drawers are so crowded that I have trouble finding items I want to use, or I forget about items I have until I discover them months (years) later, neglected and dusty and dried up.

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A DIY solution I’ve found to be both versatile and inexpensive: Rev-A-Shelf plastic under sink tip-out trays that utilize that little bit of space between a top false drawer front and the bathroom sink. (It always bothered me that those top drawers weren’t actual drawers!)

I bought a set of two (hinges included) for around $20 at my local Lowe’s and installed them myself in about an hour.

This helpful video takes you through the steps to install a tip-out tray:

NOTE: if you try this, be sure to measure the inside of your drawer openings so you buy the correct size.

You’ll need some tools, including a drill and screwdriver. The instructions are pretty straightforward, but be careful not to drill through the drawer front!

ways to use under sink tip-out drawers

Voila!! Instant, accessible storage. This tray is great for holding items you don’t want cluttering your counter or (like me) getting lost in larger drawers and cabinets.

10 Ways to Use Under Sink Tip-Out Trays in the Bathroom

I currently use mine for toothpaste and floss, but I realized there are a myriad of uses. You can probably come up with more than I did!

My favorite nail polish colors fit perfectly, as do those skin care “7-piece gift set” samples that we forget to use.

The tray easily stores hair ties and clips (small “sauce-sized” food storage containers are great for bobby pins and rubber bands), or even glasses and contact lenses!

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Other tip-out tray ideas:

  • Weekly pill organizers (if you or someone takes vitamins or medications at night)
  • Makeup sponges and brushes
  • Hair combs or small brushes
  • Cosmetics like Chapstick, lip gloss, mascara
  • Jewelry

I think the most important thing is that whatever gets stored in this tray should be something you use daily or very often. Otherwise you won’t benefit from it nearly as much as I have.

Also, keep in mind that the trays will require cleaning (or at least a quick wipe) every week or two, especially if you store wet items like sponges that contribute to gunk buildup.

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If I Could Do It Over…

I love my trays. They really do come in handy, and they free up my other drawers.

However, I have one mild complaint about the particular trays I installed. The hinges are NOT soft close hinges, so they can slam shut rather hard (and rather noisily). If I could do this project over again, I’d upgrade to the pricier stainless steel soft close trays, as seen here.

Other Ways to Use Under Sink Tip-Out Trays in the Home

These trays can be used in more than just the bathroom. The kitchen and laundry room are also perfect places to add storage for items that would normally clutter the countertop. Store sponges, scrubbers, washcloths…even rings or jewelry can be safely hidden away while you attend to dishes or laundry.

Some kitchens feature a built-in cooktop, beneath which a tip-out tray can be installed. Instant storage and easy access for cooking utensils!

How Have You Used Tip-Out Trays?

Have you used tip-out trays in your home? Have you found them to be handy ways to store items, too? If so, tell me how you use them in the comments below!

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