How to Organize Chargers and Cables in an Expandable Drawer Organizer

Organize Cables and Chargers in a Cutlery Tray

I recently found myself forced (out of frustration) to organize chargers and cables in my house… once and for all.

My family’s “junk drawer” was typically filled with a crazy assortment of charging cables, wall chargers, portable chargers and ear buds. (Plus the occasional spare key or Fitbit accessory.) I’m sure many of you can relate to the frustration!

Whenever we wanted to grab a charging cable and charger for a specific piece of technology, we were faced with this proverbial needle in a haystack:

Messy Junk Drawer? How to Organize Chargers and Cables

Talk about a waste of time! Not to mention a source of anxiety for me every time I opened the drawer. This image does NOT make me feel peaceful or balanced.

I knew I had to find a way to make everything fit in this one drawer. We really have no other place for our huge collection of chargers and cables. So, I set about finding the perfect solution. See below!

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My Simple Solution to Organize Chargers & Cables

Thankfully, I found a solution that’s both perfect AND simple: a bamboo expandable cutlery tray.

Organize chargers and cables in an expandable bamboo cutlery tray

This sturdy bamboo organizer easily fit to our drawer dimensions and accommodated the various sizes of chargers and cables.

I realized it would be a great solution for organizing a variety of items like art supplies, sewing supplies, makeup or even coffee pods. In fact, I’ve used a bamboo drawer organizer in several projects since this one.

See how I organized my kitchen tea and coffee station using an expandable bamboo drawer organizer!

First, I armed myself with my trusty Brother P-touch Label Maker, some Velcro and an assortment of small plastic bags.

Next, I spent around 45 minutes grouping and sorting my various junk drawer items into a tidy, organized space.

The plastic bags were very useful for spare keys and padlocks (we have a surprising number of spare keys). They also worked to store ear buds that had lost their containers.

The completed project turned out quite well, and will save us SO much time. If you like this idea, feel free to pin the image below and save it to your DIY boards and with friends!

Organize Cables and Chargers in a Cutlery Tray

If I Could Do It Over…

While I’m thrilled with the final product (and am looking for more ways to utilize this cutlery tray in my organizational projects), there’s one thing I might do differently. The Velcro is a suitable solution for tying cables, but I think twist ties would be less expensive and easier to use.

FAQs: Drawer Organization for Chargers, Cables & Cords

What’s the best way to organize cords, chargers and cables in a drawer?

First, group like items together. For instance, all iPhone and iPad charging cables in one pile, all ear buds in another, portable chargers or plugs in a third, and so on.

Next, wrap each cord or cable in a figure S and tie in the middle with a twist tie, cable tie or velcro tie.
Finally, use a drawer organizer to store items in their separate groups. Label each section to remind everyone in the house where items go.

What’s the best drawer organizer for cables and cords and chargers?

I’m a big fan of an expandable cutlery tray. It can adjust to fit many sizes of drawers and has several sections for keeping groups of items separate. The bamboo tray I used for my junk drawer was also suitable for labeling with a Brother label maker.

I’ve also seen people use honeycomb-style drawer organizers for cable storage. They work well when you want each item separated from the rest, but it’s difficult to label or group like items together.

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