9 Smart Spice Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Spice Rack

My home organization project this week: figure out the best spice storage solution for my small kitchen cabinet.

Our house doesn’t feature a lot of cabinets or drawers in the kitchen. As a result, it’s hard to keep spices organized and easy to reach.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem, so I did some research to find the smartest spice storage ideas for small kitchens. I’m excited to share them with you!

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9 Smart Spice Storage Ideas to Try in Your Small Kitchen

1. Slide-Out Spice Racks

My spice cabinet is especially tiny. This resulted in a very inefficient and often precarious spice “situation” that made me crazy:

Spice Storage: Before I organized the spice cabinet

Clearly, I had too many large spice bottles shoved in any-which-way, making it impossible to see or access things. And the top shelf was impossible to reach without using a step-stool. I decided to make some changes.

My first step was to remove everything from the shelves and install this double slide-out spice rack on the bottom shelf:

Since my cabinet opening only measures 8 1/4″ wide, I opted for a 6 1/2″ wide rack. However, the double racks also come in 4 1/4″ width as well.

If your cabinet is wide enough, you could install two of the smaller versions. You’d just need to ensure you have at least 1/2″ of clearance on each side of the rack.

Installation was easy — just two screws into the back of the cabinet and two into the base near the front.

I do recommend following the directions on how to remove the basket from the rails before you install with the screws provided. That was the only way I could fit the drill in the cabinet for the pilot holes.

Here’s what my rack looks like installed, before adding the spices:

Spice Storage: Double Slide-Out Spice Rack for Cabinets

For the upper shelf, I needed more vertical space for taller bottles and containers. Instead of another double-rack, I bought a single 6 1/4″ slide-out by the same manufacturer:

Here’s my “after” picture (I’ll discuss my amazing new spice jars and cabinet door spice holders below…keep reading!):

Spice Storage for a Small Kitchen

I am in love with my new spice cabinet! I have everything I use the most right within reach. Thanks to the slide-out racks, I no longer need a step stool to reach items on the top shelf.

Spice Storage: Slide-Out Rack

2. Cabinet Door Spice Holders

To maximize space and ensure instant access to spices I use virtually every day, I installed these adhesive stainless steel holders to the inside of the cabinet door:

They come with screws and adhesive backing for multiple installation options. I chose just the adhesive, and I’m impressed with how strongly they adhere. I have not had any problems with them.

NOTE: if you choose this storage solution for your cabinets, BE SURE the cabinet door will close completely before installation. I used Scotch tape to test my spice holders, and I had to adjust the placement a few times before installing to make sure my slide-out racks wouldn’t hit them.

I have a few left over after my spice cabinet project, and I will use them inside my bathroom medicine cabinets for toothpaste, nail polish, or small skincare or makeup bottles. They would also be perfect in a craft cabinet for paints or small jars of craft supplies.


3. Use Uniform Spice Bottles to Maximize Space

Since my spice cabinet is so small, it doesn’t make sense to store large Costco-sized bottles in there. (Plus, a family of three NEVER needs that much cinnamon or garlic powder.)

I maximized the space in my new slide-out racks and filled my cabinet door spice holders with a set of these round jars:

The shaker tops were a big selling point for me. The jars come with blank, round black and white labels for the tops, but I decided to place different labels on the front instead. Overall, I’m really happy with how they look in my cabinet:

Spice Storage - Spice Jars and Slide-Out Rack

4. Magnetic Spice Bottles for Fridge or Wall

I also purchased a set of smaller magnetic spice jars for those spices I rarely use. No sense taking up precious storage space with a huge bottle of ginger if I only use it once a month.

I love these jars! They stack easily and the magnets will allow you to store them on a refrigerator or magnetic knife strip, if you lack cabinet space.

The set comes with several sheets of pre-printed spice labels. I used these labels on my glass jars as well to make everything look uniform.

5. Expandable Tiered Spice Organizer

Another spice storage solution that works well in a small kitchen is an expandable, tiered organizer like this:

This version extends up to 26″ wide, so it would work nicely on a pantry shelf, too. I like that each tier has a lip to prevent spices from falling off the edge.

Just measure the width of your cabinet before you purchase; smaller versions are available as well.

6. Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

A wall-mounted spice rack is a great solution in small kitchens with little cabinet or drawer storage.

This option comes in a 2- or 4-pack and can also be installed inside a cabinet or on the back of a pantry door. The individual shelves allow you to configure your spice storage to your unique space.

7. Stackable Spice Organizer

If you love to cook and need to have a LOT of spices at your fingertips, the “As seen on TV” Spicy Shelf Deluxe might be an ideal solution.

Each set comes with two shelves that expand from 7.5″ to 17″ wide. Fully expanded, it can hold up to 64 spice bottles!

8. Lazy Susan Spice Organizer

I love Lazy Susans! They’re awesome for maximizing vertical space in a cabinet or corner shelf. Check out this dual-spinning version:

It stores up to 40 spices and has space for taller bottles, too. The spinner measures 13″ wide, so it fits most standard cabinets. It could be used in a medicine cabinet to hold vitamins, supplements and prescriptions as well.


9. Spice Drawer Organizers

If you have a spare kitchen drawer, you can turn it into a spice haven with an expandable, 4-tier drawer organizer like this:

The tray adjusts from 13 1/4″ to 26 1/2″ to accommodate a wide range of drawer widths. Fully expanded, it can hold 64 jars of spices. A chef’s dream!

This organizer could also work well in a bathroom or office drawer.


Spice Storage: Final Thoughts

I hope you found some inspiration to organize spices in your small kitchen! I’m so pleased with the way my project turned out. Don’t be afraid to try different configurations and solutions; whatever works best in your home is the best solution for YOU. Happy organizing!

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