Gorgeous Ways to Organize Glassware, Cups and Water Bottles

Organize glassware

Do you dream of the perfect way to organize glassware, coffee mugs and water bottles in your kitchen? I sure did, every time I opened my cabinet to see a chaotic mess of cups and glasses.

This week, I said “no more!” and immediately researched some ways I could turn blech into beautiful. I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Read on for what worked in my kitchen, as well as several more ideas that will inspire!

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Try These 8 Ways to Organize Glassware, Cups and Water Bottles in Your Kitchen

1. Declutter Your Glasses and Mugs

Organize Glassware: Declutter Chipped Mugs and Cups
Photo Credit: Canva.com

Before you can create that beautiful organized space you’re dreaming of, you MUST declutter.

Start with any chipped glasses, cups or mugs. Either toss them or break them into pieces for future use in a mosaic project (if you’re so inclined). Just get them out of the space!

Next, consider how often each item gets used. If your child has outgrown her collection of superhero plastic cups, it’s time to part ways. Never used those corporate-branded trade show tumblers? Perhaps you can donate them to someone who will.

Anything seasonal can be stored with seasonal decorations if you really need to free up space, or you can assign them a special place WAY at the top/back of the cabinet. (Maybe even above the refrigerator…those tiny unreachable cabinets are perfect for this purpose!)

Once you have weeded out the broken or nonessential items, sort the remaining cups, glasses, mugs and bottles into “like” groups.

Now, it’s time to organize!

2. Create Zones For Drinkware

Organize glassware: pretty mugs in a cabinet
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

A simple way to organize glassware and cups is to arrange them in zones based on type or use. For instance, I keep our drinking glasses on the bottom shelves for easiest access, because they get used the most by the entire family. Coffee mugs (used primarily by me) are stored higher.

Creating zones makes it easy for every member of the household to find what they’re looking for. It also makes it easier to put things away in their proper place. You can even place small labels on the edge of the shelves to “remind” family members where things go.

Depending on how your family uses your cups and glasses, you might have zones for:

  • Water glasses
  • Juice glasses
  • Kids’ cups
  • Coffee mugs and teacups
  • Wine glasses
  • Pint glasses
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Water bottles and travel cups

Susan from Organized 31 came up with a really creative drinking glass organization “zone” for her kitchen countertop. To keep track of each member’s daily drinking glass, she made numbered coasters.

Organize glassware: numbered coasters
Photo Credit: Organized31

Each number corresponds to a person in her family (plus a few extra for guests). Family members are responsible for keeping their cup or glass on their coaster, so there’s no “That’s not mine!” when it’s time to clean up. Brilliant!

3. Try Multi-Use Cups and Glasses

My kitchen cabinets are small, so I try to maximize space any way I can. One way to do this is by using double-duty cups and glasses.

For instance, we use coffee mugs for both coffee and tea. Our stemless wine and highball glasses also work great for juice and soda. And our pint glasses serve us well for water as well as the occasional beer.

Some examples of multi-use drinkware that works for my family:

Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

I love these short glasses because they fit nicely on my cabinet shelf below my hanging mugs. They’re perfect for a highball with friends on a Saturday night, juice with breakfast in the morning, and ice water throughout the day. And they’re pretty, too!

Pint Glasses

A pint glass is the drinkware of choice in my house for water, juice, seltzer, beer…whatever is needed in a 16-ounce serving.

Stemless Wine Glasses

I have to admit, I was not a first adopter of the stemless wine glass. I’ve always loved the look of stemware and initially felt that stemless was a step down, elegance-wise. But I have to admit, we use our stemless glasses FAR more than stemware these days.

They’re great for wine as well as other beverages and they’re dishwasher safe. We still use the stemware, but only on special occasions.

4. Hang Coffee Cups and Mugs

Mugs and teacups can easily be stored on cup hooks to save space. In my cabinet, this under-shelf cup hanger works very well.

Organize glassware: hang mugs and cups in or below a cabinet to maximize space.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

You can also install cup hangers beneath the cabinet like this:

If you lack cabinet space, you can hang mugs and cups on a countertop stand like this one:

Or, you can hang mugs on a cute wall rack like this:

Check out this really cute way to display a mug collection on the side of a cabinet, courtesy of The Handyman’s Daughter:

Photo Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter

5. Stack Cups and Glasses

Another way to organize glassware and cups? Stack them! There are a few ways to do this.

First, you can get a set of stackable drinkware. Simple pint glasses work great, as do stainless steel tumblers like these:

For coffee and tea, try stackable cups like this really cute set:

Or, stack your existing mug collection using this clever device:

ELYPRO Coffee Mug Organizers and Storage, Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer - Cupboard and Pantry Organization, Expandable Stackable Gadget for Tea Cup and Coffee Mugs, Save Space (Orange)

If you have the space in your cabinet, you can store glasses and cups on tiered stackers like this:

You can also stack plastic or paper cups sideways in a plastic bottle holder, like in this photo from Practical Perfection:

Organize glassware: stack plastic cups sideways in a bottle holder
Photo Credit: Practical Perfection

6. Safely Store Stemware

Delicate stemware requires careful storage. Stacking it too close together or to other cups and glasses can cause accidental breakage.

The best way to store stemware is to hang it upside down. Here are a few ways to do this:

Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

An under-cabinet rack is both a pretty and practical way to securely store stemware. This option can hold up to 12 wine glasses. Just measure your space beforehand to ensure it’ll fit.

Wall-Mounted Wineglass Rack

Got some spare wall space? Install a lovely rustic wine shelf with wineglass rack and you’re set for your next wine tasting party.

Countertop Wineglass Holder

Turn a corner of your counter into a pretty little wine bar with a chic bronze wine rack and wineglass holder.

7. How to Store Tumblers and Water Bottles

My family spends a lot of time outside, participating in sports of some kind. And driving to a sporting event of some kind. In super-hot, super-sunny Arizona.

As a result, we’ve collected quite a number of stainless steel bottles and tumblers over the years to ensure we stay hydrated (and our water stays cold).

Organize glassware: bottle holder organizer
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

Storing all of this stainless steel was a challenge until I found these awesome clear stackable bottle holders. One set holds 12 bottles or 20-oz-sized tumblers. The large 30-oz tumblers will NOT work in this organizer; scroll down for my solution for that size.

Now, everyone can find their “lucky” bottle or favorite travel cup instantly. (Instantly is important when we’re running late for practice.)

We keep these on a pantry shelf, but they can also fit in a large cabinet (just measure first).

8. Use a Hanging Shoe Holder to Store Large Tumblers

I was surprised to find that our large 30-oz stainless steel tumblers were too large for stackable bottle holders. So, I got creative and used a hanging shoe holder on the back of the pantry door. Perfection!

Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

The shoe holder also works nicely for storing those odd-shaped stainless steel cups made to hold soup, coffee, beer, etc.

Gorgeous Glassware Organization: Final Thoughts

I hope you found some inspiration for organizing your drinkware! Remember, whatever system works best for you and your household is the best system to use. And, it’s ok if it takes a few tries to find the perfect solution for your home. I regularly re-organize spaces as I come across new ideas. Happy organizing!

P.S. Check out my thoughts on organizing glasses and cups in the kitchen at Porch.com!

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