12 Kitchen Organizers Under $25 That Transform a Small Kitchen

A small white kitchen with brown countertops
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The key to organizing a small kitchen is using every inch of space. My favorite kitchen organizers for small kitchens are all under $25 (some are under $20!), and they’ll help tidy your drawers, cabinets and counters!

Read on to discover how I’ve used these organizers in my own small kitchen.

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1. Lazy Susan: Great for Pantries, Cabinets & Refrigerators

Bottles of cooking oil and syrup on Lazy Susan organizers
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I start with my all-time FAVE and queen of kitchen organizers: the Lazy Susan. This simple tool allows you to store many items together in a small space while providing access to each item when you need it.

In the photo above, you can see I use it on my pantry shelves to store “like” items (oils, types of vinegar, syrups, etc.). Just a quick spin and I can grab any bottle I need.

I also use it in my vitamin and medicine cabinet:

Organize Medicine on a Lazy Susan
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

You can also use a Lazy Susan in a refrigerator, under the kitchen sink, in your spice cabinet…the possibilities are endless. (Check out more Lazy Susan ideas for the entire home.)

Right now, grab a set of two Lazy Susan organizers:

Roninkier Clear Lazy-Susan Turntable Cabinet-Organizer – 2-Pack 11-Inch Lazy Susan Spice-Rack Storage – Plastic Lazy Susan for Fridge Refrigerator Pantry

2. Bamboo Drawer Organizer: Perfect for Kitchen Tools, Coffee Pods, Utensils, Cords & Cables

A kitchen drawer with tools organized in a bamboo organizer
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I love the look of bamboo. It’s durable, it matches the interior of my kitchen drawers, and it’s eco-friendly.

I have bamboo organizers in several kitchen drawers. One stores my kitchen tools (photo above). I also use one to store my coffee K-cups:

Coffee Station Drawer Organization
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

And I use a bamboo organizer for my utensil drawer:

Organize Kitchen Drawers - Cutlery
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Finally, my “junk drawer” at the kitchen desk stores my family’s cables and chargers in a bamboo organizer.

Organize Cables and Chargers in a Cutlery Tray
Photo Credit: Organizenvy.com

Find this adjustable bamboo drawer organizer on Amazon:

oridom Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Cutlery and Utensils, Adjustable Bamboo Wood Cutlery Tray in Drawer for Flatware and Silverware in Kitchen, (Natural)

Check out more ideas for organizing kitchen drawers.

3. Under Shelf Basket: Use on Pantry Shelves and in Kitchen Cabinets

Baking pans in a kitchen cabinet
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

An under shelf basket is a GREAT way to maximize all the space on your pantry shelves or in kitchen cabinets. I used baskets in the photo above to separate my baking pans (they were always falling over when I stacked them).

I also use them in my pantry “snack zone:”

Snack Organizer Ideas
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

You can use these baskets to store loaves of bread, tortillas, protein bars, plates, placemats or napkins…anything that fits will work!

Find a set of four on Amazon:

Bellsal Under Shelf Basket, 4 Pack Metal Hanging Wire Shelf Under Shelf Storage, Slides Under Cabinet Shelf, Space Saving for Kitchen Pantry Office Bathroom Bookshelf Under Shelf Organizer, White

4. Clear Refrigerator Bins: Also Great for Pantries & Under the Sink

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I use clear bins EVERYWHERE in my house. They make perfect refrigerator storage (and they’re easy to clean). Snack foods work great in these bins, especially when they can stack.

I love my clear bins under the kitchen sink:

Easiest Way to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I also use them in my closet to store my husband’s t-shirts.

You can find a set of two for under $20:

mDesign Plastic Stackable Small Organizing Bin Kitchen Pantry Cabinet, Refrigerator, Freezer Food Organization Storage Bins with Handles, Drawer Container Organizer, Ligne Collection, 2 Pack - Clear

5. Cabinet Door Spice Holders

Kitchen cabinet with pull out drawers and organizers for spice bottles
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

The inside of your cabinet doors is an often-forgotten goldmine of extra storage space! I used adhesive spice jar holders in my spice cabinet. They store my “every day” spices like salt, pepper and garlic powder.

When it’s time to cook, I can easily grab these from the cabinet door.

Find spice holders under $20:

PMMASTO Adhesive Acrylic Spice Rack Organizer for Wall with Nano Double Sided Tape, Spice Shelf Organization for Kitchen Cabinet Door/Pantry Door, Wall Mount Seasoning Rack (Clear-2 Pack)

6. Magnetic Spice Jars

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Another sneaky storage space in a small kitchen: the side of the refrigerator. I found these awesome magnetic spice jars that sit right on the side of my fridge.

If you lack adequate space for spices in your cabinets or drawers, this is a perfect solution!

Check out this set of 12:

Beeyoka Magnetic Spice Jars,12 Pcs Stainless Steel Spice Tins with Lid and Small Holes for Sprinkle Rust Free Easy to Clean Includes 94 Labeling Stickers

7. Cup Hangers: Double Your Cabinet Space

Organize glassware
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I have exactly one cabinet in my kitchen that I can use for all of my glasses, cups and mugs. It’s not a large cabinet, either.

So, I used cup hangers for my white mugs (above) and doubled the usable space on that middle shelf. And they slide right over the shelf; no hardware needed. Perfection!

bafvt Coffee Mug Holder - 304 Stainless Steel 8 Hooks Cup Rack Under Shelf, Fit for The Cabinet 0.8' or Less

8. Ziploc Bag Organizers

Organize Ziploc bags in a drawer with a bamboo organizer.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

This kitchen organizer really helped my food bag storage situation. I like to pack my son’s lunch on the kitchen island, and I have a drawer dedicated to lunch prep.

The option below can be placed in a drawer OR hung on a wall, if you lack drawer space.

SpaceAid Bag Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer, Bamboo Organizer, Compatible with Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack Variety Size Bag (1 Box 4 Slots)

9. Drawer Organizer for Plastic Wrap, Foil and Wax Paper

Bamboo drawer organizer for plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

This storage solution eliminates those beat up, squished and ineffective cardboard wrap holders! It fits nicely in a drawer and features a sliding blade that zips right through your wrap like butter.

SpaceAid WrapNeat 3 in 1 Wrap Organizer with Cutter and Labels, Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil and Wax Bamboo Dispenser for Kitchen Storage Organization Holder for 12' Roll (Natural)

10. Pan Organizer Rack

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

NOTHING is more annoying than trying to dig a pan out from the bottom of a stack. This pan organizer rack was a lifesaver for me!

Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet and Counter, Bronze

11. Shelf Riser: Amazing for Deep Shelves

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Deep shelves are such an organizing challenge! As you can see on the left-side of the photo above, I solved my storage problem by adding a shelf riser behind my Dutch oven. I placed baking pans I use often on top and less-used pans underneath.

The riser doubled my storage space and gave me easy access to pans I use a lot (even though they’re in the back of a cabinet).

yaenoei Kitchen Shelves, Cabinet Organization Mini Storage Shelf, White,Set of 2

12. Water Bottle Rack for Shelves or Cabinets

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

As you can see above, my family has a lot of reusable water bottles and travel cups. (We’re an athletic family, on the go all the time.)

This stackable rack saved my bacon! It’s so easy to find that ONE bottle we want, when we want it. And we can store all of our bottles in a much smaller footprint than before.

spospo Water Bottle Organizer for Cabinet, Water Bottle Storage Organizer, 2 Packs Water Bottle Storage Rack, Water Bottle Holder for Cabinet, Stackable Water Bottle Storage Rack

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