29 Splendid Snack Organizer Ideas

Collage of photos showing snack organizers in a pantry
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A good snack organizer is a critical item in my house! When hunger hits, my family wants instant access to their favorite snacks, pronto.

If you can relate, I’ve pulled together a HUGE list of truly genius snack organizer ideas for the pantry, refrigerator, bedroom, car and more. You’ll never have to search for your favorite granola bar again. Enjoy!

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1. Use an Under-Shelf Basket as a Snack Organizer

Pantry shelf with snacks organized in bins
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I created a snack “zone” in my pantry using storage bins and an under-shelf basket. As you can see, the basket doubles the amount of storage space I have on the shelf.

This allows me to store more food in less pantry space (win!) AND it makes it easier to see and grab snacks.

2. Organize Snacks in a Handled Bin on a Pantry Shelf

Handled Storage Baskets for Shelves
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

This is my favorite snack organizer for popcorn! I use a handled bin to store microwave popcorn, seasonings, individual popcorn snack bags and a scoop.

Grouping items that you use together in one organizer is SUPER efficient. All I have to do is grab the bin off the pantry shelf and take it into the kitchen on movie night.

3. Store Snacks in Clear Canisters (and Never Run Out Again)

Organization hacks that save money
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

My biggest pantry pet peeve is finding an empty box of snacks on the shelf. Some people in my house have a habit of grabbing food on the run — and leaving the box behind.

To combat this, I started storing snacks in clear canisters in the pantry. This is a great way to see exactly how many I have left, so I can plan my grocery shopping accordingly.

If you buy snacks like pretzels or cookies in bulk, look for an airtight canister so you can store them loosely. They’ll stay fresh MUCH longer.

4. Try Dollar Store Pantry Snack Organizers

Simple Dollar Store plastic bins make for great snack storage! And if you combine a solution like this with an under-shelf basket in tip #1, you can store quite a few snacks in a small space.

I would add some labels to these baskets to make it easy for everyone in the house to see what belongs where. Check out my article on how to make organizing labels for some DIY ideas.

5. Install an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer for Pantry Snacks

I’m a big fan of hanging shoe organizers. They’re so versatile! I use one in my own pantry to hold my family’s collection of water bottles (read about bottle storage here).

In the photo above, a hanging shoe organizer becomes the perfect snack organizer in a pantry. The pockets are just the right size for individually wrapped granola bars and snack-sized packages of nuts, chips, crackers and cookies.

6. Group Types of Snacks in Turntables

I love a sectioned turntable for pantry snack storage! You can group similar types of snacks in one turntable (apple sauce, fruit snacks, raisins, etc.) or mix and match with crackers or chips.

If your kids help pack their own lunches, you can set up a system using these turntables. Allow kids to choose one snack from each section for their lunch, ensuring they get a balance of food and nutrients.

7. Set Up a Snack Organizer Cart in Your Kitchen or Pantry

A rolling cart makes the perfect snack organizer in a kitchen or pantry, especially if you have a large household.

Use it for quick and easy packed lunches in the morning, roll it into the homework area for afterschool snacks, and put it in the kids’ bedroom or playroom for sleepovers and video game marathons.

This cart also makes a great organizer for food, supplies and other essentials in a home office or dorm room!

Find rolling carts on Amazon.

8. Stack Your Snacks in Open Pantry Bins

I’m all about using every inch of available space in the pantry, so I love this solution. Stackable open bins like these make it easy to store, see and grab snacks on a pantry shelf.

Add labels with a label maker and you’re good to go!

Find open stackable storage bins on Amazon.

9. Create a Kitchen Snack Drawer

Personally, I prefer drawer dividers because you can configure them to fit your space and the items you need to store.

P.S. I created a lunch prep drawer using an adjustable bamboo drawer organizer. See it (and other kitchen drawer ideas) here.

10. Try a Tiered Tray on the Kitchen Counter

I just love this reel — it’s so satisfying! And a rotating tiered snack tray will satisfy the hungry members of your household when they get home from school or work.

Fill it with fruits, packages of nuts, snack bars and other healthy snacks.

Mind Reader 2-Tier Snack Carousel, Countertop Organizer, Snack Tray, Breakroom, Kitchen, 14.25'L x 14.25'W x 14'H, White

11. Turn Your Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet into a Snack Station

Many of us have a corner Lazy Susan cabinet in our kitchen. And many of us struggle with how to organize it.

Consider turning this cabinet into a snack station! All you need is a set of clear Lazy Susan storage bins, and you’re good to go:

Leeden Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer, BPA Free Containers, Durable Plastic Transparent Storage Bins for Kitchen Corners & 26'- 27' Diameter Lazy Susans, 1/8 Wedge, 4 Packs

12. Install Pull-Out Shelves for a Kitchen Snack Cabinet

Cabinet-style pantries can be difficult to keep organized. Snacks can easily get pushed to the back, hard to find, and then expire. Such a waste.

A great solution for deep pantry cabinets is a pull-out shelf. The option below doesn’t even require hardware to install; simply peel and stick to your cabinet shelf!

Store all of your snacks (you can add clear bins or baskets to keep them tidy) and slide out the shelves when it’s time to eat.

QUSEHA Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Fixed With Adhesive Nano Film, Heavy Duty Slide Out Pantry Shelves, Sliding Drawer Pantry Shelf for Kitchen, Living Room, Home,12.2' W x16.9 D x 2.75' H

Be sure to measure your cabinets before you order any pull-out organizer!

13. Keep Snack Ingredients Separated (Until You Want to Mix Them)

I LOVE this storage solution for snacks you don’t want to mix until it’s time to eat! Your granola stays crunchy, your almonds stay nutty, and nothing gets mushy (unless you want it to).

Perfect for healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt that need some mix-ins.

14. Keep Fridge Snacks in a Labeled Bin

In the photo above, snacks like applesauce are stored in clear, handled bins with adorable labels in a refrigerator. When it’s time to pack lunches or grab an after-school snack, all you have to do is pull the bin out.

Labeled bins like these also make it MUCH easier to clean the refrigerator!

P.S. If you’d like more fridge tips, have an article dedicated to refrigerator organization!

15. Use an Under Shelf Drawer for Fridge Snacks

These under-shelf drawers are the perfect place for refrigerated snacks like tangerines, berries, cheese or yogurt sticks. I love how they maximize the vertical space in a refrigerator.

AND, they make it easy to see your snacks, so you eat them before they go bad.

16. Install a Can Stacker in Your Fridge

If your family enjoys beverages in cans, a can stacker in your fridge is the way to go. It allows you to store two rows of cans on their sides, making VERY efficient use of space on the shelf.

You’ll never find yourself reaching to the WAYYYYY back of the fridge for that Diet Coke again.

17. Organize a Large Snack Drawer in Your Refrigerator

Those large drawers in the fridge can store a LOT of food…and they can also become cluttered and chaotic. The drawer in the photo above stays neatly organized with an assortment of clear refrigerator bins in different sizes.

To achieve this organizing perfection, measure the length, width and depth of your refrigerator drawer. Then purchase organizers that will fit into that space.

Notice the labels on the side of the drawer…such a smart way to ensure things stay organized day after day.

18. Mason Jars on a Lazy Susan Make a Great Snack Organizer

I love the use of mason jars and a Lazy Susan turntable in this fridge! The jars are perfect airtight containers for grapes, berries and other perishable snacks. The turntable makes everything nicely accessible.

19. Stash Your Snacks in a Storage Ottoman

Dorm room with storage beneath the bed
Photo Credit: Mikaela C.

Dorm rooms, bedrooms, even small living rooms can all benefit from a storage ottoman for easy snacking. Lift off the lid and stash your favorite snacks for late-night studying or video game sessions.

P.S. get more creative dorm room storage ideas here.

20. Have a Nightstand Drawer or Basket for Snacks

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - Nightstand Organization
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

See that wicker basket in my nightstand? I always stash a snack bar or goodie in there. It’s nice to have for movies in bed when I don’t want to press pause for a snack break!

21. Turn a Bedside Caddy into a Snack Organizer

Why not store your favorite midnight snacks in a bedside caddy? It’s a long way to the pantry at 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep. Keep a few packets of nuts or a protein bar in a pocket for quick nutrition before you go back to sleep.

Lilithye Bedside Storage Organizer with Fixed Straps and Water Bottle Holder for Home, College, Dorm, Bunk / Hospital Bed, Crib Bed Rails (Grey)

22. Use an Under Bed Organizer for Snack Storage

You can also stash your favorite snacks in an under bed rolling storage drawer. This keeps them neatly out of sight but very easy to access.

Under Bed Storage with Wheels, Under Bed Storage Containers Metal Foldable Space-Saving Under Bed Drawer Shoe Storage Bins Organizer on Wheels for Clothes Books (2 Pack Black)

23. Keep a Mini Fridge in Your Office or Bedroom

A tiny (6-can) mini fridge that stows neatly under your office desk or in a dorm or bedroom? Yes, please! Use this to keep a few drinks cold…along with your favorite yogurt, string cheese or other cold snacks.

YSSOA 4L Mini Fridge 6 Can Portable Cooler & Warmer Compact Refrigerators for Food, Drinks, Office Desk, Black

24. Take Snacks on the Go in a Lidded Tray

This snap-lid snack tray with sectioned compartments is PERFECT for road trips, picnics, park playdates…anywhere you want to take a variety of goodies to munch on.

I love that the cups are removable for easy cleaning, too.

Find lidded snack trays on Amazon.

25. Keep Snacks Accessible in a Car Seat Back Organizer

These backseat organizers are so amazing on long road trips. They keep ALL of the kids’ stuff, from electronics to books to games to food, neatly organized and safe from sliding around.

Stash a variety of car-friendly snacks like bars and juice boxes in these and the kids won’t complain they’re hungry ever 10 miles!

Helteko Backseat Car Organizer, Kick Mats Back Seat Protector with Touch Screen Tablet Holder, Back Seat Organizer for Kids, Travel Accessories with 9 Storage Pockets 2 Pack, Black

26. Use a Car Organizer with Cooler for Road Trip Snacking

This puppy sits in a front or backseat, secured by a seatbelt. It keeps drinks and refrigerated snacks cold and offers cup holders and pockets for books or dry snacks.

High Road CarHop Car Seat Organizer for the Front or Back Seat for Kids and Adults with Cup Holder Tray, Side Pockets and Cooler Compartment

27. Don’t Eat Drive-Thru Food Without This

As a busy mom, I find myself eating drive-thru food from time to time while I go from activity to activity. I’ve spilled a LOT of food on my lap.

Here’s a solution I wish I knew about before: a car food tray that swivels over your lap (and detaches when not in use). Smart!

THIS HILL Cup Holder Tray for Car, 2 in 1 Detachable Car Food Table Tray with Solid Base & Phone Slot,Car Cup Holder Expander with 360°Rotation Tray for Travel Road Essentials

28. Add a Stroller Organizer for Easy Snacking

Keep the kids (and you) rolling with a stroller organizer that fits cups, bottles, snacks and all of the baby essentials you need for a fun day out.

29. Pack Snacks for a Picnic in a Cooler Backpack

Enjoy a long day at the beach, park or sporting event with an all-in-one picnic cooler backpack. Hands-free carrying options are my favorite!

Bonus: this one has a wine pouch, too. 🙂

Picnic Backpack for 4 Person with Large Insulated Cooler Bag, Picnic Basket Set with Wine Pouch,Waterproof Picnic Blanket & Cutlery Set. Perfect for Beach, Camping, Party,Wedding Gift for Couple,Brush


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