15 Perfect Ways to Organize Baking Supplies in the Pantry

Organize Baking Supplies in a Pantry

When the baking mood hits, are you spending more time hunting for your ingredients, pans and measuring cups than you should? If so, it’s a good time for a little pantry organization project!

I’ve collected my favorite ways to organize baking supplies in the pantry to help ensure you spend MORE time cookin’ and less time lookin’. Read on!

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1. Create a Pantry Zone for Baking Supplies

Organize baking supplies in a pantry by establishing a baking zone.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Pantries work best when divided into zones (categories), so you know exactly where to look for your items. I recommend creating a zone in one section of your pantry for your baking supplies. In this zone, you can store:

  • Baking pans
  • Baking tools like measuring cups, cookie cutters, and cupcake liners
  • Baking ingredients like flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and food coloring
  • Small appliances like a stand mixer or hand mixer and accessories

How much you store in your pantry baking zone depends on the size of your pantry.

If you have a walk-in pantry, you probably have more storage space for a multi-shelf zone. In a small kitchen, your pantry may be a set of cabinets…if so, your zone may be a baking cabinet or a single shelf. That’s ok! You can work with what you’ve got.

Want to learn more about zones? Check out my post on using zone organization in your home.

2. Use Airtight Containers For Dry Ingredients, Sugar & Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chips, etc.

Photo Credit: Organizenvy

In my opinion, using clear airtight containers is the best way to preserve dry goods and sugars. (They’re also great for storing chocolate chips, cocoa powder, sprinkles and much more!)

AND, clear containers allow you to monitor your inventory of these food items. Because there’s nothing worse than starting a recipe only to discover you’ve run out of critical pantry staples.

I added labels to mine with the help of my Cricut. Labels really come in handy when you use different ingredients that look similar, like all purpose flour and gluten-free flour or baking soda and baking powder.

It’s also a good idea to use chalkboard labels or a dry-erase marker to note the expiration dates of the food items.


Sensational Ways to Make Labels to Organize Your Home

3. Keep Brown Sugar Soft With a “Saver”

Brown sugar can be an issue. Over time it becomes hard as a rock without adequate humidity.

I discovered this ingenious product on Amazon made from terra cotta that keeps humidity levels constant in a brown sugar canister (just soak in water and toss in the container). It also works for storing baked goods, dried fruits and more:

Enolvo Brown Sugar Keeper Bee - Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Saver, Brown Sugar Disc to Maintain Food Moisture, Brown Sugar Softener Stone, Humidifying Hydrostone (Orange Box)

4. Store Cookie Cutters in a Clear Handled Bin (Sort by Occasion)

We’re big on chocolate chip cookies in my household, but every once in a while I get on a sugar cookie kick. That’s when I haul out the cookie cutters, sprinkles, frosting and all the rest.

I have cookie cutters for different holidays (namely Halloween, Christmas and Easter) and I like to store them in clear handled bins. The bins are easy to grab off the pantry shelf when I’m ready to bake. I prefer to sort them by occasion, but this is only necessary if you have a lot.

BINO l Plastic Storage Bins l THE HOLDER COLLECTION l 4-Pack, Large Multi-Use Clear Containers for Organizing with Built-in Handles l Pantry Organization & Storage l Kitchen Organizer l Storage Bins

5. Use Under Shelf Baskets to Store Cake Pans and Smaller Items for Baking

Whether you have a full walk-in pantry or a kitchen cabinet for your baking center, you need easy access to all of your baking items.

To maximize vertical space (and avoid toppling piles of cake pans), I installed these under-shelf baskets in an upper cabinet. As you can see, they work for small muffin tins, too. It’s so easy to see and access my pans now!

Organize baking supplies with under shelf baskets in a pantry or cabinet
Photo Credit: Organizenvy


Outstanding Ways to Organize Baking Pans

6. Add Pull-Out Drawers for Lower Cabinets or Pantry Shelves

The bottom shelves of a pantry (or lower cabinets in the kitchen) can be tough on the knees and back. This is especially true when you’re trying to pull out a small appliance or a heavy Dutch oven.

My favorite storage solution for these awkward areas? Store your baking supplies in a set of pull-out drawers like this:

Tksrn Pull Out Cabinet Organizer, Heavy Duty Slide Out Pantry Shelves Sliding Drawer Storage for Kitchen, Bathroom, Home, 12.4' W x 21' D, Wire Frame, Chrome Finish

These products come in a wide variety of sizes; be sure to measure your space before you order.

7. Store Your Most-Used Items on a Lazy Susan (Great for Deep Cabinets or Shelves)

The Lazy Susan is probably one of my all-time favorite pantry and cabinet organizers. In a kitchen baking zone, it’s helpful to install Lazy Susans for your most-used items and baking supplies. They make it much easier to access ingredients for your favorite recipe that might otherwise get lost in the back of deep cabinets or shelves.

Group like items together: for instance, place all of your sugar containers on one Lazy Susan and little jars of sprinkles or nuts on another.

For bags of ingredients (like candy toppings), try a Lazy Susan with clear bins to keep the bags upright and easy to find.

YouCopia Crazy Susan Lazy Susan Organizer, 3 BPA-Free Removable Clear Bins with Handles, Rotating Storage Turntable for Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry and Bathroom Organization


Game-Changing Ways to Organize With a Lazy Susan

8. Have a Spice Rack Dedicated to Baking Ingredients

Rather than one spice rack for ALL of your spices, consider dedicating a spice rack just for your baking ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

SIMPLEMADE Plastic Clear Spice Rack- Three-Tiered Shelf, Countertop, and Cabinet Storage and Spice Organizer for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, and Office, Home Storage and Organization Solutions

9. Store Your Favorite Baking Spices Inside Your Cabinet Doors

I have a very deep and narrow spice cabinet. To make it easier for me to grab my daily-use spices, I installed adhesive spice bottle holders to the inside of my cabinet door. You could do the same for baking spices.

Spice Storage for a Small Kitchen
Photo Credit: Organizenvy


Spice Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

10. Hang Measuring Spoons on the Inside of a Cabinet Door or a Pantry Wall

If you don’t have enough room in a kitchen drawer or pantry shelf, you can hang your measuring cups and spoons right on a cabinet door or pantry wall with simple Command hooks.

Take it one step further and hang them beneath these amazing vinyl decals with kitchen conversions!

TOOLSSIDE Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart - Vinyl Kitchen Labels Conversions Wall Decals with Cooking Kitchen Conversion Chart - Measurement Decals for Kitchen Cabinets

11. Use an Adjustable Rack to Store Baking Pans on Their Side

I detest having to dig through a pile of stacked baking pans for my favorite cookie sheet. This product is perfect for storing pans, sheets, tins and even cutting boards neatly on their sides. It offers easier access to each pan when you need it.

YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack, Cookie Sheet Baking Pan and Tray Organizer for Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Storage, Standard, White

12. Try an Over-the-Door Organizer for Bakeware

The back of a cabinet or pantry door is often a forgotten goldmine of storage space. Use a small over-the-door organizer for bakeware like muffin tins and cookie sheets:

mDesign Metal Wire Kitchen Bakeware Organizer Basket - Hang Over Cabinet Door - Storage for Baking Sheets, Cupcake Tins, Cutting Boards, Foil, or Plastic Wrap - Concerto Collection - Matte Black

If you have a full walk-in pantry, you can maximize the space behind the door with an over-the-door rack for all of your baking supplies and essentials:

Smart Design Over-the-Door Organizer for Storage – Perfect for Pantry Organization, Bedroom, Bathroom Storage, Playroom, or Kitchen - Adjustable Steel Frame with 6 Baskets & Wall Mount – Black

This product is highly-rated on Amazon and features stabilizing brackets that reduce sway.

13. Use a Rolling Cart Under the Bottom Shelf of a Pantry

Get a load of this great idea. You know that space on the floor of a pantry that can be awkward and hard to use? It’s actually a great place for a rolling kitchen cart that stores all of your favorite things for baking!

Load this baby up with airtight food storage containers and you’ve got a mobile baking station within easy reach. Sometimes, kitchen organization just needs a little creativity.

Collections Etc Flat Rolling Floor Shelf Metal Storage Cart - Expandable to 24' W - Slim Cart Holds Up to 22 Lbs. on 4 Caster Style Wheels, Fits Under Beds, Desks or Shelving

14. Keep Foil, Parchment and Wrap Neatly Organized in a Drawer or on the Wall

Baking requires the use of foil, parchment paper and plastic wrap from time to time. This amazing product from SpaceAid keeps them neatly stored in a single bamboo organizer (it cuts them too).

It easily slides into a drawer or can be hung on a pantry wall. Forget that flimsy cardboard box that crumples before all the foil is used!

SpaceAid WrapNeat 3 in 1 Wrap Organizer with Cutter and Labels, Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil and Wax Bamboo Dispenser for Kitchen Storage Organization Holder for 12' Roll (Natural)

15. Store All of Your “Cake Stuff” in a Cake Decorating Tool Caddy

This is perfect for a pantry shelf. Wilton’s cake caddy holds all of your piping bags and tips, chocolate molds, and cake-decorating tools for easy storage and transport to and from the pantry.

Wilton Decorator Preferred Cake Decorating Tool Caddy


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