The 9 Best Ways to Organize Ziploc Bags, Plastic Wrap & Foil

The best ways to organize Ziploc bags, plastic wrap and foil.

Have you ever failed to keep sandwich bags from busting out of a squashed cardboard box…all over the floor?

Have you ever mangled a piece of plastic wrap that just won’t tear nicely?

If the answer is yes, I’m with you!

Why is it so hard to organize Ziploc bags and wraps, anyway?

After years of just dealing with these hassles, I finally found the best way to tame plastic bags, Saran wrap, and aluminum foil in my kitchen drawer.

I’m excited to share it with you, along with some additional ways to store these kitchen essentials in a cabinet or pantry.

Read on to discover a way to calm the chaos in your kitchen, too.

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1. Use a Bamboo Drawer Organizer for Ziploc Bags

The best option I’ve found to organize Ziploc bags of all sizes is with a bamboo or wooden Ziploc bag organizer.

I bought a natural bamboo solution with separate boxes for each size of Ziploc bag— snack, sandwich, quart and even gallon bags:

Organize Ziploc bags in a drawer with a bamboo organizer.
SOURCE: Organizenvy

I really love these storage bag organizers because the boxes can be moved into any order or configuration I need.

With this set, each box has a slide-off back for easy refills. All you have to do is remove the bags from their original cardboard packaging and slip them into the appropriate bamboo box.

The bamboo is very sturdy, so you’ll never deal with smashed cardboard or messy drawers again.

NOTE: If you use zip-top bags like I do, you may find that the quart size doesn’t fit inside the respective box. My solution was to place my zip-top quart bags in the gallon size box. Worked great for me.

Organize Ziploc bags in a bamboo drawer organizer.

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2. Keep Saran Wrap, Aluminum Foil, Parchment Paper, and Heat-Sealed Food Storage Bags in a Kitchen Drawer Organizer

This solution was a game-changer for me. No wonder it has over 1,400 5-star reviews on Amazon!

There’s nothing worse than trying to tear plastic wrap and tin foil with those pathetic cardboard box teeth.

More often than not, it becomes a tangled mess.

Finding a drawer organizer that stores and tears my wraps, foils, wax paper, etc., AND offers easy access when it comes time to replace them? Yes, please!

Here’s how it looks:

Organize Plastic Wrap, Foil and Wax Paper in a Bamboo Drawer Organizer
SOURCE: Organizenvy

And here’s how it works:

As with any organizing solution, be sure to measure the length, width and height of your kitchen drawer before purchasing.

Organize plastic wrap, foil and wax paper in a bamboo organizer.

P.S. I have several more kitchen drawer organizing ideas here.

3. Use Drawer Dividers to Keep Plastic Bags and Wraps From Sliding Around

One of the biggest pet peeves I had regarding drawer storage for bags and wraps was how they would slide around.

Every time I opened the drawer, they’d move all over the place.

Simple, expandable drawer dividers are a great way to prevent sliding when you don’t need or want a fancy Ziploc bag drawer organizer.

You just adjust the drawer dividers to the length or width of your drawers and space them to fit your bags and wraps. Easy, peasy!

Organize Ziploc bags with drawer dividers in a kitchen drawer.

4. Maximize Storage Space With a Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizer

I’m all about finding unused space in kitchen cabinets. The inside of a cabinet door is easily overlooked, but it’s the perfect place to store wraps and bags!

There are a few options for this solution.

Option 1 below can be mounted with screws to the inside of the door. It’s also suitable for wall-mounting inside a cabinet or pantry.

As you can see, it easily fits plastic bags and wraps. (It could also work under the kitchen sink for sponges and dish soap!)

Organize Ziploc bags and plastic wrap in a cabinet door organizer.

Not a fan of drills and hardware? Option 2 is a no-drill solution with adhesive mounting.

Organize Ziploc bags and plastic wrap in an adhesive-mount cabinet door organizer.

5. Create a Ziploc Bag Storage Station in a Cabinet or on a Pantry Shelf

Lacking large drawers to store your baggies?

Check out this adjustable rack that stores boxes of sandwich bags, snack bags, wraps and other kitchen essentials.

It maximizes vertical space in a cabinet or on a pantry shelf, allowing you to store more in less space. That’s always a win!

Organize Ziploc bags and plastic wrap on an adjustable shelf organizer.

6. Use Hanging Storage for Plastic Bags, Foil and Wrap on the Back of the Pantry Door

The back of the pantry door is another goldmine when you’re trying to keep an organized home.

A high-quality, sturdy, over-the-door solution is the best way to go.

I like this option with the suction cups — it keeps everything secure. Use it to organize Ziploc bags and plastic food storage bags of all different sizes…plus wraps and foils, and other essential items.

Organize Ziploc bags, wraps and foil (along with other kitchen essentials) in a sturdy over-the-door organizer.

7. Store Reusable Bags in a Plastic Bag Dispenser for Easy Retrieval

I always repurpose my grocery bags to line my bathroom wastebaskets and for cat litter cleanup. Some people use them to transport lunch to the office, too.

I created my own plastic bag dispenser using old Costco cheese ball containers. I keep one on a pantry shelf and the other near the cat box:

Organize reusable grocery bags in a large, open-mouthed plastic container.
SOURCE: Organizenvy

I’ve also seen people use empty tissue boxes for reusable bags. Great idea!

Amazon offers wall-mounted bag dispensers, which would be nice under the kitchen sink or even on the wall next to the litter box.

Organize reusable bags in a wall-mounted dispenser.

8. Use Binder Clips or a Chip Clip as a Baggie Organizer

Here’s a very simple way to store baggies: hang them on a wall with binder clips or a chip clip (or clothespin).

In the photo below, I used some Command Velcro strips to attach a chip clip to a cabinet door. Hang some baggies and voila:

Hang Ziploc baggies from a chip clip inside a cabinet
SOURCE: Organizenvy

You can also use this solution on any empty wall space you have, in a cabinet or pantry.

Here’s a binder clip I had lying around, hung on a small Command hook in my pantry:

Hang Ziploc bags from a binder clip on the wall
SOURCE: Organizenvy

9. Hang Ziploc Baggies from Magnetic Refrigerator Clips

No drawer or cabinet space for baggies?

Use the refrigerator!

A few magnetic clips can hold different-sized Ziploc baggies and provide convenient and easy access when you’re making lunches.

Hang Ziploc baggies from a magnetic refrigerator magnet
SOURCE: Organizenvy

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