Organizing Ideas for Bedrooms

Organizing is for more than closets and pantries and garages! Every room in the house can be arranged for optimal efficiency, simplicity and balance.

Especially the bedroom, a place that should always evoke a sense of peace and…ahhhhhh.

In fact, having a neat and organized bedroom can have a huge impact on your mental and emotional outlook. According to Lifehack, organizing your bedroom (and keeping it that way) can change your life!

To help you achieve this in your own place of slumber, I’ve compiled a list of organizing ideas for bedrooms. Enjoy!

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Easy bedroom organizing ideas

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms: Maximize Your Space

First things first: we need to talk storage. The best organizing ideas for bedrooms start with proper storage.

Wide, low dressers are great for long walls. Shorter walls or small rooms benefit from tall wardrobes and armoires because they maximize vertical space. A nightstand (or two, if you have the space) is perfect for storing the things you need for a restful night’s sleep.

These bedroom staples not only style a room; they help keep the bedroom clutter-free and peaceful.

What if you don’t have adequate space for all of this furniture? Make the most of the space you do have. Use under-the-bed storage bins. Affix shelves, hooks or even baskets to the walls. Get creative!

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How to Choose The Right Containers

The next step in organizing your bedroom is to arrange your clothes, books, bedding and anything else you plan to store in the most efficient way possible.

To do this, you’ll need to choose the right containers. I have some ideas and tips to make it easy!

First, measure the width, height and depth of your dresser drawers, wardrobe shelves, nightstands, beneath the bed, and anywhere else you plan to store items.

Next, choose bins and dividers that will work within the space you have, maximizing space vertically and horizontally. Consider hanging shelves for wardrobes,

drawer organizers or dividers,

and clear stackable bins.

I’ll demonstrate how each of these can function within your space.

How to Arrange Your Stuff

File Folding Clothes

I firmly subscribe to the Marie Kondo school of thought when it comes to dresser drawers: file-folding clothes in bins is so much more efficient!

You can see everything in the drawer in a single glance, and removing an item doesn’t cause a huge mess. Everything stays neat and tidy.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms

Looks amazing, right? File-folding items is pretty simple. Here’s how I folded my husband’s t-shirts:

1. Start by smoothing out the t-shirt as much as possible, graphics facing down.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - How To File Fold T-Shirts

2. Fold longwise into thirds, smoothing as you go to prevent wrinkles.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - How To File Fold T-shirts

3. Take the bottom and fold it about 2/3 of the way up.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - How To File Fold T-shirts

4. Fold the top down, then fold the t-shirt over itself one more time to create a nice rectangular packet. See how the graphic is facing out? This helps you identify the shirt after it’s been filed in the bin.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - How To File Fold T-shirts

Slide newly folded shirt into the bin vertically. Beautiful!

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - How To File Fold T-shirts

You can follow this same folding formula for shorts, boxers, yoga pants…you name it.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - File Folding Boxers

I like to organize clothes in the colors of the rainbow. This makes it much easier to find an item you’re looking for, especially when you have hundreds of t-shirts like my husband!

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Drawer Dividers and Organizers

For socks, I like to use drawer dividers to separate colors. My husband wears blue, black and brown dress socks to work, so I arranged them like this:

I keep my pajamas and nightgowns on the bottom shelf of my wardrobe. Since I have a lot of them, I used drawer dividers and file-folded my pajama sets.

I rolled my nightgowns and organized them vertically so I could see everything at once:

Hanging Shelves

My wardrobe came with a closet rod for to hang clothes on, but I have a large enough closet for my hanging items.

What I don’t have enough of is shelf space (all of my closet shelf space is being used for my cute shoes, of course!). So, I installed hanging shelves in the wardrobe instead:

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - Hanging Shelves

As you can see, these are fabulous for maximizing vertical space, and they provide nice compartments for different types of clothing.

Initially, I struggled with how to efficiently arrange my clothes within the shelves (read more here). I eventually figured it out and am loving this space!


Nightstands require some consistent love and attention, otherwise they end up repositories of all kinds of random stuff. Plus cups, plates, silverware, etc.

The goal is to have only the items you need for pre-bedtime self-care and a restful night’s sleep.

Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms - Nightstand

The good news is, they don’t take much time to organize! First, remove everything from the top and inside and wipe it all down.

Next, look at everything you’ve been keeping in there. Is it necessary for this space?

Ideally, the nightstand should contain only books that you’re currently reading or about to read. Any books you’ve finished should be lent to friends, donated to the library, sold to a used book store, or lovingly displayed as collectibles on a bookshelf in the living room.

Other items to potentially keep in or (neatly contained in a nice box or bin) on the nightstand:

If your nightstand has a built-in cabinet like mine, storing extra sheets and pillowcases inside is handy.

Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is a fantastic way to use otherwise empty space to store items you don’t have space for. For kids, under-bed bins can hold LEGO pieces, board games, books, art supplies…you name it.

For adults, the space beneath the bed is perfect for extra bedding and blankets and seasonal clothing or even shoes if closet space isn’t adequate.

More Creative Organizing Ideas

For even more creative bedroom organization ideas, check out Brittany Vasseur’s creative video:

What Are Your Best Organizing Ideas For Bedrooms?

How have you created an efficient, peaceful bedroom? I’d love to hear! Leave me a comment below.

Easy Bedroom Organizing Ideas

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