5 Amazing Tips For Organizing a Bedroom Armoire

Organizing a Bedroom Armoire

Organizing a bedroom armoire is a GREAT way to save tons of space in your bedroom, especially if you have a small (or no) closet.

I’m a work-from-home mom, so I have a lot of clothes that can be folded (loungewear, yoga pants, t-shirts, pajamas, jeans…you get the picture). However, mastering the armoire took some creative organizing (and a few failed tries).

My favorite tips for a perfectly organized armoire are:

  1. Declutter first!
  2. Add storage solutions that maximize space
  3. Create zones for clothing type
  4. File fold clothes
  5. Arrange by color

I’ll explain the “why” and “how” for each tip below, and I’ve included a list of the best armoire organizers (in my opinion) at the bottom. Let’s get started!

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Tip 1: Declutter First!

Organizing a bedroom armoire: declutter first
Photo Credit: Canva.com

That’s right, time to purge! Decluttering is the first (and often most important) step in any organizing project. Why?

Because it’s impossible to organize any space if there’s more “stuff” than “space.” Trust me! I want you to feel successful, happy and balanced when this project is over. So let’s declutter.

How to Declutter Clothes

Take everything out of the armoire and separate into piles. Sweaters go in a pile, jeans in another, then t-shirts, underwear, etc.

Next, go through each item and place anything that’s ripped, broken or permanently stained in a bag for trash. If you think it’s salvageable, keep it in a box or bag for one month. If you haven’t fixed it after 30 days, you’re probably not going to, so toss it.

Organizing a Bedroom Armoire: Decluttering Clothes
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Finally, pull out anything in good condition that doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in over two years. These items can be donated to a charity like Goodwill, given to a shelter, or even sold online through companies like ThredUP and Facebook Marketplace.

There! Doesn’t that feel good?! Now we’re ready for the next step.

Tip 2: Add Storage Solutions That Maximize Space

The next important part of organizing a bedroom armoire is choosing storage solutions that both house your items efficiently and maximize your space.

Your storage solutions will depend on what you plan to store in the armoire. Your goal is to use every inch of space you can.

If you need to hang clothes, I recommend choosing thin, velvet hangers or space-saving cascading hangers. I did not need to hang my clothes, so I opted for all hanging shelves instead:

Organizing a Bedroom Armoire - Hanging Shelves
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

As you can see, I’ve managed to fit a LOT of clothes in here! Tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants and athletic wear are all neatly stored, freeing up a ton of closet space.

You can also set up a freestanding closet drawer kit (be sure to measure first) if you prefer drawers to shelves.

Speaking of drawers, I highly recommend organizers for your armoire drawers! They will help keep the contents neatly accessible and enable you to store more.

PRO TIP: Use the inside of the armoire doors to mount hooks for scarves, hats, jewelry, belts…this is highly usable, but often forgotten space!

Tip 3: Create Zones For Clothing Type

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find that one t-shirt or your favorite pair of yoga pants? It’s usually because they’re buried in a pile of random clothes you have to dig through (and then re-fold later).

I recommend creating zones within your armoire for your different types of clothes. Here’s an example of what your zones could look like:

Organizing a bedroom armoire: zones
Photo Credit: Canva.com

You might also have a zone for athletic wear, pajamas, etc. Now you’ll be able to find things much more quickly.


Why Zones are the Best Way to Organize Your Home

Tip 4: File Fold Clothes in Bins & Drawers

I love the Marie Kondo method of file-folding clothes. Talk about a game changer! By folding clothes into small rectangles and “filing” them into bins and drawers, I was able to fit more clothes into my armoire…AND I could see them all at once!

Organizing a bedroom armoire: file-folding clothes
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Plus, I no longer mess up my “stacks” of clothes when I want to retrieve something.

LEARN HOW: Click here for step-by-step instructions on file-folding clothes.

File-folding works great for pajamas (like mine), t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, yoga pants, boxer shorts…basically any type of clothing you would normally fold vs. hang.

Organizing a bedroom armoire: file folding
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

If you have shelves in your armoire like I do, you can also roll and stack clothes to keep them from sliding off. I found this to be a very efficient way to store my athletic wear.

Tip 5: Arrange Clothes By Color

Organizing a bedroom armoire: arrange clothes by color
Photo Credit: Canva.com

When you have a lot of clothes, arranging them by color really helps! A lot of organizers recommend the rainbow method, others like to go from light to dark. Whatever method you prefer will work.

My husband has a TON of t-shirts. And they used to be a nightmare to deal with, folded in tall stacks that fell off shelves every time he’d try to take one out of the middle.

To save both his sanity and mine, I reorganized and file-folded them into bins, arranged by color like this:

DIY Bedroom Organization
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Now, he can find the EXACT t-shirt he wants with a quick glance at the bins. Since they’re file-folded, removing one doesn’t cause an avalanche anymore. Win, win!


Terrific Tips to Organize T-Shirts

The Best Armoire Organizers

Organizing a bedroom armoire requires the proper tools! Here’s a list of organizing solutions that work great in armoires to store a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. NOTE: always be sure to measure your space before purchasing.

Drawer Basket Kit

I love this drawer kit because it’s free-standing and will fit nicely inside my armoire, while allowing enough room to hang clothes on one side if I wish. And, it’s more affordable than other similar closet drawer kits I researched.

ClosetMaid 6201 4-Drawer Basket Kit, White

Stackable Clear Shoe Storage

If you plan to store shoes in your armoire, this may be the perfect solution for you! These clear, plastic bins are stackable and enable you to configure your shoe storage in any shape you need. Shoes are completely enclosed and protected from dust, pets and odors. Each box opens in the front for easy retrieval and storage.

NEATLY Shoe Organizer for Closet - Stackable Shoe Storage, Shoe Rack for Entryway - Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes, Sneaker Shoe Container, Shoe Rack for Closet, Under Bed Shoe Storage (12-pack)

Hanging Shelves

These work great in my armoire! Three sets filled up the entire top section and allow me to store my large collection of athletic wear, t-shirts and shorts.

Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer, Black

Drawer Organizer Set

This set holds six scarves/ties, eight pairs of underwear, seven bras and 24 pairs of socks. The tidy compartments make it really easy to see and access your clothes.

Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set, Black

Metal Wire Organizing Basket

How cute are these for storing pants, shirts, sweaters, etc.? I love that they come with slots to add labels. They would be great in the linen closet, too!

mDesign Farmhouse Deco Metal Wire Storage Organizer Basket Bin with Handles for Organizing Closets, Shelves and Cabinets in Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Entryways, Hallways, 4 Pack - Matte Black

Space-Saving Hanger Set

Fit more clothes on the closet rod with a space-saving solution like this one:

HOUSE DAY Black Magic Space Saving Hangers, Premium Smart Hanger Hooks, Sturdy Cascading Hangers with 5 Holes for Heavy Clothes, Closet Organizers and Storage, College Dorm Room Essentials 10 Pack

Slim Velvet Hangers

I use these velvet hangers in my own closet. They are super-slim and non-slip. I love them!

BAGAIL Velvet Hangers,Black Non Slip 360 Degree Swivel Hook Strong and Durable Clothes Hangers for Coats, Suit, Shirt Dress, Pants & Dress Clothes(30 Pack Black)

Adhesive Wall-Mount Jewelry Organizer

Use the often-forgotten inside of your armoire doors for a jewelry organizer! This option has a strong but removable adhesive backing…no hardware or drilling needed.

Boxy Concepts Necklace Organizer - 2 Pack - Easy-Install 10.5'x1.5' Hanging Necklace Holder Wall Mount with 10 Necklace Hooks - Beautiful Necklace Hanger also for Bracelets and Earrings (Rose Gold)

Adhesive Hooks For Scarves, Hats, Belts

You can also use adhesive hooks on the inside of your armoire doors or cabinet to hang scarves, hats and belts!

SouLips Adhesive Hooks, Self Adhesive Wall Mount Hanger Hook for Towel Key Robe Coat, Super Strong Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hooks, No Drill No Screw, Waterproof, for Kitchen Bathroom Toilet, 8 Pack

Organizing a Bedroom Armoire: More Tips

For even more tips, check out this video from OrgaNatic:

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