How to Organize Jeans: 6 Best Ways

Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? Most of us have several pairs, ranging from dressy to weekend casual pants. And the more pairs of jeans we have, the harder they get to store.

What’s the best way to organize jeans? In my opinion, there are a variety of ways that work best. I think it depends on how many pairs of pants you have, how much space you have, and where you want to store them. (Dresser drawers? Closet shelf? Closet rod? Suitcase?)

Here are my favorite different ways to fold, hang and roll jeans for every type of storage space.

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1. Fold Jeans to Store on a Shelf or in a Drawer

The first way to organize jeans is a simple folding technique that keeps them nice and flat for stacking. Here’s how:

Lay your jeans face up on a flat surface.

How to Organize Jeans: Fold Step 1

Fold them in half lengthwise so that the back pockets are facing out. Smooth as you go, ensuring the pockets and belt loops are nice and flat. Line each bottom of the pant leg together.

How to Organize Jeans: Fold Step 2

Bring the bottom third up towards the top.

How to Organize Jeans: Fold Step 3

Fold the top third down over the bottom.

How to Organize Jeans: Fold Step 4

Stack folded jeans and place them on a closet shelf.

How to Organize Jeans: Fold Step 5

Use shelf dividers like these to keep the stacks tidy:

If you lack adequate shelf space, a set of hanging shelves on a closet rod works well for folded jeans, too:

As an alternative, place the stacks of pants in a drawer. Use drawer dividers like these in really big drawers:

2. File Fold Jeans to Store in a Drawer Organizer

I love to file fold any clothes I store in drawers. They always look so tidy and beautiful, as though a professional organizer spent the day in my house. (Thank you, Marie Kondo!)

I feel the filing method is the best option when you don’t have a lot of space in a dresser. It also makes it very easy to find the exact pair of jeans you want to wear.

Here’s how to file fold jeans (the first four steps are the same as Tip 1):

Lay your jeans face up on a flat surface.

Organize jeans: step 1 of file folding

Fold them in half lengthwise so that the back pockets are facing out. Smooth the folded edges as you go and make sure the pant legs are lined up.

Organize jeans: step 2 of file folding

Bring the bottom third up towards the top.

Organize jeans: step 3 of file folding

Fold the top third down over the bottom.

Organize jeans: step 4 of file folding

Make one more fold (in half) so that the pocket is on top and the button is on the bottom.

Organize jeans: step 5 of file folding

Place the folded jeans pocket-up in a drawer organizer.

Organize jeans: step 6 of file folding

Repeat with the rest of your jeans, then slip the jeans into the drawer.

Any deep drawer organizer will work. Consider one that comes with compartments to keep the “files” neat as you remove and replace each pair of jeans:

3. Hang Jeans From Skirt Hangers

Skirt hangers are a great way to hang jeans straight in the closet – no folding needed. This option works when you don’t have enough space to fold jeans over the hanger. (The fold-over method doubles the width of the jeans and takes up more horizontal space.)

To use skirt hangers, you will need a high closet rod and enough vertical space to accommodate the full length of your pants. I like to hang all of my pants on one side of the closet. It makes them easier to find.

Organize jeans by hanging on a skirt hanger.

NOTE: Skirt hangers have clips. They work well with thick material like denim but will leave dents in dress pants or leather.

Here’s how to use a skirt hanger for jeans:

Lay the pants on a flat surface and button them. (If they are button fly, then button just the top button).

Clip the skirt hanger to either side of the waistband. Make sure the waistband is pulled taut when you apply the clips so the pants will hang flat.

Organize Jeans: Skirt Hanger

4. Hang Jeans From Velvet Hangers (or Wooden Hangers)

Another effective, simple way to organize jeans: hang them on standard (triangular) velvet or wooden hangers. This is the most common way to store pants in a closet.

It’s important to use the right hanger for jeans and pants. I do not recommend wire hangers as they tend to leave creases in pants. A plastic hanger works if it’s strong enough to hold the jeans without bending.

Hang the hanger on the closet rod, then fold pants in half lengthwise and slide them over the hanger bar. Ensure a neat fold in the middle by lining up the waistband to touch the pant cuffs.

Organize Jeans: Velvet Hanger

5. Use a Space-Saving Pants Hanger to Hang Jeans

You can save a lot of horizontal space in a closet with a stacked pant rack like this:

You will need a tall closet rod and plenty of vertical space for your jeans to hang.

Fold your pants lengthwise and slide over each bar. Line up the waistband to the pant cuffs. Ensure each pair of jeans lays nice and flat as you go.

PRO TIP: Racks like these make great scarf hangers, too!

6. Roll Jeans to Pack in a Suitcase or for Seasonal Storage

When you have less space to work with (like when packing a suitcase), rolling your jeans is a terrific option. It works for skinny jeans or wide legs (or any pair of pants, really). Here’s how:

Lay the pants on a flat surface and fold them vertically down the middle.

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 1

Fold back the top pant leg like this.

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 2

Begin tightly rolling the jeans from the bottom. The part of the pant leg you folded back will stick out as you roll; this is good.

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 3

Keep rolling all the way to the waistband. Smooth as you go.

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 4

Fold the pant leg that’s sticking out over the end of the roll.

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 5

Now, you have a beautiful pair of rolled pants that will stay nice and compact in your suitcase!

Organize Jeans: roll jeans step 6

This method also works if you put jeans into seasonal storage in a plastic tub or bin. You’ll find you can fit a lot more pairs into the same space this way.

Sort and Organize Jeans by Type and Function

Have a lot of jeans? It’s a good idea to organize them by type (skinny, “mom,” bootleg, ankle length, etc.) and function (dress/work jeans, casual jeans). You can keep a stack of each type or function on a closet shelf or in a drawer organizer. I also like to organize jeans by color: light, dark, black, white, etc.

I hope you’ve been inspired to find YOUR best way to organize jeans. Check out more articles on how to organize clothes in closets, dressers, armoires, and for travel below. Happy organizing!

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