Colored Pencil Storage: 17 Clever Ideas to Try Now

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas

Have art supplies run amok in your house? Tired of seeing a jumbled mess of pens, pencils, crayons and paint brushes? Check out these creative ideas for colored pencil storage (they can help organize your whole art space or craft room, too).

Many of these ideas feature fun DIY projects that you or your kids can try. There’s bound to be a clever way below to organize supplies that works for you!

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Before You Begin: Declutter Old Pencils (and Pens and Crayons)

Anyone who’s read any of my organizing articles knows I’m a stickler for decluttering first thing. It just doesn’t make sense to find space for items that should be thrown away.

Organize Home Office Supplies
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

Pencils and crayons can last a long time. Keep items that simply need a pencil sharpener in a separate pile from the rest. Then have a sharpening session in front of the TV!

Toss pencils and crayons that are broken, can’t be sharpened, or have been worn down to a tiny nub.

Test all of the pens. Toss any that have dried out.

Now, it’s time to organize!

1. Recycle Mason Jars for Colored Pencil Storage

Most of us have empty mason jars or old jam/jelly jars just waiting for a new purpose. Guess what? They’re perfect for art supply storage!

Use one jar for colored pencils, one for markers, another for paint brushes, and a short one for crayons. Such a simple and effective way to organize.

Have a LOT of colored pencils to store? Sort by color and store each color in a jar. Arrange the jars like a color wheel or in rainbow order (ROYGBV).

Laura Kelly shows us how it’s done. Check out how cute repurposed jars look with just a little decoration:

Colored pencil storage ideas: upcycle empty mason jars and old jelly/jam jars to store pencils and art supplies.
Photo Credit: Laura Kelly

Don’t have jars lying around, but like the look? You can buy an inexpensive set of mason jars on Amazon.

2. Try a DIY Dollar Store Caddy

This is an easy and effective coloring supplies project. Simply grab a plastic handled caddy and some cups from the Dollar Store or Amazon. Bam! You’ve got a mobile colored pencil storage system.

Colored pencil storage ideas: a handled caddy and metal cups make a great mobile coloring supply organizer.
Photo Credit:

Check out for the step-by-step instructions.

You can also purchase a caddy with pre-made compartments for pens, pencils, drawing tools, paint brushes and more:

mDesign Plastic Portable Craft Storage Organizer Caddy Tote, Divided Basket Bin with Handle for Crafts, Sewing, Art Supplies - Holds Brushes, Colored Pencils - Lumiere Collection - White

3. Make a Unicorn Pencil Organizer

If this isn’t one of the cutest colored pencil storage options I’ve seen, I don’t know what is!

Start with a metal pencil cup, add some twine and felt with a hot glue gun, and you’ve got a magical organizer for kids’ rooms. (Could make a great gift, too.)

Colored pencil storage ideas: make a magical unicorn pencil holder with a cup, some twine, felt and a hot glue gun.
Photo Credit:

Check out for step-by-step instructions.

4. Use a Lazy Susan Desktop Carousel

Here’s a great idea for the desk: a Lazy Susan carousel. This version fits up to 850 pencils and has compartments that allow you to sort by color or type. I like that it’s a clear bin so you can see everything inside.

SUTTREE Colossal Caddy Acrylic Rotating Art Supply Organizer, Rotating Pencil Holder For Desk – Organize 850+ Pencils

P.S. Check out my post on other fabulous ways to organize with a Lazy Susan.

5. Store Your Pencil Collection in Upcycled Tin Cans

Got a Cricut and some tin cans? This project is for you! walks you through the step-by-step instructions to upcycle old cans into a new pen and pencil storage system with cute labels made on a Cricut.

Colored pencil storage ideas: try an upcycled tin can project with labels printed from a Cricut.
Photo Credit:

6. Mount Pegboards with Pencil Cups

I’m a huge fan of using an empty wall when you’re short on storage space. Mounting peg boards is probably one of the best ways to maximize space.

I love this set that comes with cups for colored pencils, pens and crafting supplies. It’s a great choice for a bedroom, home office or craft room.

6 Set Pegboard Bins with Rings, Pegboard Accessories Cups Holder Pegboard Organizer Baskets Pegboard Hooks Kit for Art and Craft Supplies Storage (Blue, Yellow, Green, Rose Red, Orange, Purple)

It’s affordable, too. Each set comes with one board, six colorful cups and hooks, so you can add multiple sets if you have extra wall space. It’s a great way to build an art studio wall.

7. Take Colored Pencils On the Go in a Multi-Layered Pencil Case

Pencil cases are the way to go when you need to bring your own supplies to school or on a trip.

A nice, multi-layered carrying case is a good way to safely transport a large number of pencils. No broken tips! The original packages pencils come in are typically demolished after a few days in a backpack.

YOUSHARES 120 Slots Pencil Case - PU Leather Handy Large Multi-layer Zipper Pen Bag with Handle Strap for Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, Crayola Colored Pencils, Marco Pens and Cosmetic Brush (Gray)

8. Make a Pencil Holder Out of Paper Scraps

Here’s a really creative way to make a storage container for colored pencils: with paper!

Colored pencil storage ideas: try a DIY storage container out of paper!
Photo Credit:

I find it hard to believe this beautiful project is made from paper, but it is. Head over to for the tutorial.

9. Sew a Chair Pocket to Hold School, Art & Drawing Supplies

This idea actually features two handmade pieces: a chair pocket made from recycled jeans and a chair organizer made from canvas. And they’re both fabulous!

First, take a look at the recycled jeans chair pocket, courtesy of Laura Kelly:

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas: Sew a chair pocket from recycled jeans.
Photo Credit: Laura Kelly

I mean, how cute, right? With adorable patches and all. Laura has the full tutorial on her site.

Next, check out the modern streamlined look of this school organizer, made by

Colored pencil storage ideas: sew a streamlined canvas school organizer for the back of your student's chair.
Photo Credit:

Full tutorial on the site as well.

10. Keep Pencils & Supplies in a Rolling Art Cart

I love the concept of a rolling art cart to store art supplies at home! A cart keep everything close at hand for easy access during a project and can be quickly wheeled into a closet or a corner when not in use.

Use an art cart to store:

  • colored pencils and crayons
  • coloring books and sketch pads
  • gel pens and Sharpies
  • paint brushes and paint
  • chalk
  • glue sticks, rulers and scissors
  • construction paper

Look for a cart that comes with handy cups for colored pencil storage like this:

LEHOM 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart with Hanging Cups & Hooks & Handle, Plastic Art Cart Organizer Storage with Wheels, Easy Assembly for Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry (White)

Rolling carts are nice for homeschool organization, too. offers some great ways to use carts to make homeschooling much easier for parents and kids.

Colored pencil storage ideas: try a rolling art cart.
Photo Credit:

11. Roll Pencils in a Canvas Wrap

This really pretty pencil roll would be a beautiful gift for an art student. It comes in three sizes, fitting 36, 48 or 72 colored pencils, gel pens or markers. It’s nice for travel, too.

Funny live 36/48/72 Slots Colored Pencil Wrap Pencils Roll Holder Coloring Pencils Organizer Holder Colored Pen Paint Brush Storage Pouch Portable for Artist Student (Red ocean, 72 Slots)

12. Carve Out Closet Space With Labeled Bins

Lucky enough to have spare closet space for school and craft supplies? Here’s a super efficient way to organize all of your colored pencils, pens, markers, etc. with colorfully labeled bins, courtesy of

Colored pencil storage ideas: carve out a section of a closet and store supplies in colorfully labeled bins.
Photo Credit:

I love the use of metal shelving in this small hall closet. They make it easy to organize everything in a small space.

13. Create an Upcycled Cardboard Box Corral

Here’s another fun project to do with kids. Take a cardboard box and cover it with a fun fabric and contact paper. Add a few empty cans (covered in matching contact paper) and you’ve got a custom colored pencil station:

Colored pencil storage ideas: upcycle a cardboard box and empty cans into a cute, customized pencil storage station.
Photo Credit:

Read more about making this project at

14. Store Pencils in an Art Cabinet

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way to organize. I made an art cabinet in my kitchen, as most art projects in my house happen there.

Colored pencil storage ideas: create an art cabinet in the kitchen.
Photo Credit: Organizenvy

I bought some clear bins and chalkboard labels to house my colored pencils and Sharpies.

mDesign Plastic Office Supply Organizer - Storage Holder Bin with Handles for Desk Drawer, Cabinet - Pencil, Pen, Envelope and Supplies Container Basket - Ligne Collection - 2 Pack - Clear 8 Pack Metal Pantry Baskets Labels Clip On for Storage Bins with 2 White Chalk Markers, Organization and Storage Baskets Labels Clips, Kitchen Bins Tag Chalkboard Labels for Baskets

By the way, pull-out drawers are fantastic for larger, bulkier items like paint and Cricut vinyl. There are a wide variety available on Amazon.

15. Hide Colored Pencils in an Under-Desk Slide-Out Drawer

Some desks lack drawer space to store pens and pencils. Desktop organizers take up a lot of workspace, especially on a small desk.

A nice solution that keeps art supplies closet at hand but out of sight is a slide-out drawer that mounts under the desk or table. Check it out:

YOOUSOO 2 Pack Under Desk Drawer Organizer, Slide Out Drawer Attachment, Plastic Desk Accessories & Workspace Organizers,Hidden Desktop Pen Holder for Desk Self-Adhesive…


The Best Way to Organize Desk Drawers in a Home Office

16. Make a DIY Art Kit With Duck Tape®

Here’s an adorable project for you and your kids! All it takes is an empty shoe box, a medicine box and empty toilet paper rolls…plus some glue, scrapbook paper and decorative tape. Head over to for the tutorial.

Colored pencil storage ideas: make a DIY art kit from a recycled shoe box, empty toilet paper rolls and decorative tape.
Photo Credit:

17. Store Art Supplies in a Portable Storage Box

Bring all of your art supplies wherever you roam in a handy, three-layered storage box. This baby will store pencils, pens, crayons, paint and brushes, stamps…everything a kid (or adult) needs to create art on the go.

Anbestor 3 Layers Plastic Portable Storage Box, Multipurpose Organizer and Storage Case for Art Craft and Cosmetic, Portable Handled Storage Box for Home, School, Office

I hope you’re inspired to organize all of your colored pencils and art supplies with these fun and creative ideas!

Check out other great organizing ideas for kids & family below. Happy organizing!


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